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Do you have cold sores?

I guess I haven’t told you about herpes in a long time. Who knows how many times some lips have had herpes again during this time..

Herpes is an unpleasant affliction. An itch starts on the edge of the lip, then a small wound appears! This wound is filled with water. It hurts, aches, does not eat, makes it difficult to talk, it becomes difficult to laugh, and suddenly the shape of the lips becomes confused! Usually after a few days, herpes dries up and disappears. But it will most likely reappear.


Cause of herpes It is the herpes simplex virus. This virus does not easily leave the body in which it has settled. It waits for our resistance to drop in order to take action. In this respect, it is like a mirror of our weaknesses;Many reasons such as insomnia, excitement, joy, malaise, cold, heat, wind, hormonal fluctuations before menstruation, especially the sun can cause herpes to come back.


Herpes don’t move much. They usually continue to recur in the same place. If your herpes is on the lips, it may lead to deterioration of the lip contour over time. If it recurs frequently, the color of the lips may fade and white spots may appear on it. Keep in mind, you can fix such contour problems with permanent make-up. If it appears on the cheek or another part of the face, it is important to protect from the sun because the stain may remain.

If you have a herpes condition and one day your eyes begin to ache and become uncomfortable with light, go to the doctor immediately. because if herpes gets in the eyes may damage eyesight. herpes on the gums and palate it can happen too. If a different herpes virus It causes herpes on the genitals.This is a rather unpleasant condition and should be treated with care.

“Herpes is extremely contagious. Both types of herpes viruses are transmitted by contact. Once infected, it can recur every time the resistance drops. During such periods, it is necessary not to kiss anyone, and carefully separate the glasses, towels and pillows.

« Apply sunscreen lipstick with a factor of at least 15 on your lips.


Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for the Herpes simplex virus, the herpes problem, which settles on our face and lips. Vaccine researches are carried out, laser and ozone therapies are tried. I can list the treatments that have given the best results to date as follows;


The most effective treatment of herpes ” Lysine” It is an amino acid called You can find Lysine in both pill and cream form. The recommended dose is 1000 mg 3 times a day until the herpes heals. Afterwards, 500 mg of Lysine per day is continued as a preservative. These pills should be taken on an empty stomach with water. Never use this medicine together with milk. Lysine prevents the recurrence of herpes in long-term use. But of course, first consult your doctor and inform about other drugs you use.

« Just in case; Avoid cookies, chocolate, whole grains and gelatin. These foods contain an amino acid called arginine. Arginine Lysine inactivates and although unproven, many doctors believe that this substance triggers herpes.

Antiviral creams:

It does not prevent herpes from coming out, but it heals faster and prevents it from spreading.

Melissa cream:

Apply this cream as soon as you notice the first signs of herpes and continue to apply it 2-4 times a day. It is quite effective.

Melissa tea:

To prepare an intense lemon balm tea; Soak 2-3 teaspoons of lemon balm in boiling water for 15 minutes, then let it cool. Rub it over the herpes several times a day with a cotton swab.

Vitamins A-C and flovonoids:

This support helps you by strengthening your body resistance and immune system. For herpes, I recommend taking 1000 mg of vitamin C / 500 mg of flavonoids a day. . Additionally, you can dissolve sugar-free vitamin C in water and apply it externally with a cotton ball. Do not apply while you have herpes, as creams with vitamin A are irritating.

Ozone therapy:

It cures many herpes patients as it increases the general body resistance.

Ice is useful:

Several times a day, put ice on your cold sore and hold for a few minutes. This application reduces the pain of herpes and allows it to dry faster.