Do not wrinkle your skin – filler


Time creates irresistible changes in people. Aging is noticed by the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Over the years, the face and lips begin to lose their former fullness and vitality. Wrinkles appear around the lips and eyes; It becomes impossible to hide them while talking or laughing. The vertical lines extending from the sides of the nose to the mouth become deeper and deeper. Vertical lines form between the eyebrows and a series of horizontal lines on the forehead.

For many years, physicians have tried to treat deformities of the skin by applying various methods (chemical peeling, laser treatments, botox injections, injectable fillers, mesolifting, etc.). Unfortunately, all these efforts have not yet reached levels that can completely prevent skin aging, and no permanent solution has been found for today.

Today, injection of fillers (collagen, silicone, self-oil, hyaluronic acid injection, etc.) has an important place in cosmetic dermatology to reduce facial lines, wrinkles and folds.

One of the effective ways to have a younger, fresher and more flawless skin.

filler applications. Filling material injection changes the expression of the face with small touches, without being away from work and social life, without paying high costs, without requiring much care after the application, it gives results as soon as the procedure is done, and the change can be recognized immediately when looking in the mirror.

Filling applications create miraculous results in certain areas of the face:

1- a) Deep smile lines on the sides of the nose

b) Vertical lines around the lips (cigarette lines)

c) Sadness lines appearing in the corners of the mouth

d) Vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead that create a frowning and worried face.

e) Crow’s feet lines around the eyes

2- Clarification of cheekbones, cheeks and chin

3- Correcting the shape of the lips and making them appear fuller

4- Correction of sunken acne and other scars

5- Facial shaping and correction of errors.

The purpose of this application is to add volume and support to the area where the skin has lost its support. Various fillers compatible with the human body are injected into the appropriate layers of the skin. It is a unique treatment option for wrinkles seen during rest.

The person who will perform the application must be an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgery specialist. The best results are obtained where improvement can be seen when the “stretch test” (does the wrinkle disappear when the skin is stretched between two fingers?) is applied. During the examination, it should be stated exactly which area of ​​the patient wants to be treated. Injections may need to be repeated over time for the improvement to be permanent. The thickness of the skin, its moisture, the depth of the wrinkles affect the success of the injection technique.

For the past 20 years, the cosmetic industry has aimed to obtain an ideal filler.

Features expected from ideal fillers:

  • Compatible with the human body

  • Preserving the natural expression of the face

  • long lasting

  • Does not have allergies and other side effects

Fillers containing “hyaluronic acid”, a naturally occurring substance in our body, are primarily preferred in filling applications where fuller lips, more defined facial features or softened facial lines are aimed.

Just as our skin is important for our health, hyaluronic acid is just as important for our skin. It is found in the human body especially in the muscles and joints. Hyaluronic acid is a clear crystal gel-like substance that gives elasticity / strength to the tissue it is in. It combines with the water in the body, gains volume, plumps the skin, moisturizes it and keeps it fresh. It has the same chemical, physical and biological structure in all living species.

As the age progresses, the body’s production of hyaluronic acid decreases, and the skin loses its tension and elasticity. When supplemented externally, the skin appears more taut and wrinkle-free.

It is as impossible for externally applied creams to pass through the pores of the skin and reach this layer as it is to pass a ball through the keyhole. Therefore, it is unlikely that the main effect will be seen in the targeted layer. Injections should be made under the skin to reduce wrinkles. With a simple injection, it is possible to regain lost support, differentiate and beautify its appearance, and get rid of wrinkles. It is not permanent, it is completely absorbed from the body within 6-12 months. The duration of effect varies according to the person and the application area. This gives us time and options for the next treatment.

Injections may need to be repeated for the correction to last longer. The thickness of the skin, its moisture and oil content, the depth and cause of wrinkles, the experience of the physician administering the injection are important in the duration and success of the treatment.

It is also used in other fields such as eye surgeries, orthopedics and rheumatological problems (to provide lubrication of the joints, etc.), urology.

(In 1980, synthetic polymers were developed that can be applied to the skin and are biologically compatible with hyaluronic acid but can last longer?).Stabilized hyaluronic acid is natural and safe as it is fully compatible with the organism and can be dissolved by the body.

Particular attention should be paid to one point, not to be caught in hail while escaping from the rain. The price of the application or the permanence of the effect may be the reasons for preference. However, side effects such as unnatural appearance, allergic reactions, infection and granuloma formation and displacement may occur as a result of the use of fillers that are incompatible with the body and/or permanent after application. Due to other reliable implant options, the use of such materials is not recommended.