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Do not forget to repair your worn skin in summer

If you have spots, moles, freckles and an allergic condition on your skin at the end of summer, all of these are due to sunbathing to have a tanned skin. In these days when we enter the new season, it is necessary to prepare for treatment or care for the skin that is worn out from the sun, the sea and the chlorinated pool waters during the summer.

Skin care in summer is insufficient in winter

Moisture rate in the skin is very important especially during seasonal transitions; because our skin, which is affected by UV rays in summer, becomes tanned in autumn, as well as dried and worn. As the weather gets colder, the amount of water contained in the skin begins to decrease as a physiological process. As a result, we realize that the skin care products we use in summer are no longer enough to moisturize our skin. While water-based moisturizers are sufficient for the skin that is naturally moisturized as a result of sweating in the summer; With the end of the summer months, it is necessary to use the ones with high oil content and restorative properties. Sometimes, daily moisturizers used at home may not be enough to prevent skin dryness. In this case, weekly care masks and intensive moisturizers can be used. If necessary, the lost moisture can be regained to the skin with the method called “mesotherapy” and applied by dermatologists.

Be careful with the moisturizers used.

Since the clothes that cover the body are preferred with the decrease in air temperatures, we are not aware of the dryness that develops in our body. However, we need to show the same care for our body as we show for our face. At the end of the summer months, we should not neglect to moisturize our body skin, whose dryness increases with the effect of the sun. It is important to apply moisturizers, especially after bathing, to ensure that the skin is moisturized better. Moisturizing creams or lotions should not be chosen haphazardly, attention should be paid to their contents, and help from dermatology specialists should be sought if necessary.

Sunscreens used in summer should also be preferred in winter.

One of the skin problems encountered in the sun is brown spots. Most of the time, after insufficient or irregular use of sunscreens, brown, freckle-like spots called lentigo may appear. It is important to continue to use the sunscreens that we used in the summer, in the autumn and winter months, in order to prevent further increases in lentigo (a skin discoloration disease mixed with freckles) and other pigmentation (colorations on the skin). In the treatment of randomly formed brown spots on the face or body, lightening creams can be used; With the “peeling” methods applied by dermatologists in the clinic, the skin will look more lively and the spots on the skin will be treated.

Moles on the body may carry cancer risk

Apart from newly developing spots on the body, familial or congenital moles should not be forgotten. Especially people with dense moles on their body should have mole examinations at the end of each summer. The mole examination is absolutely necessary to control the skin diseases and cancer developments that may be caused by moles in the future.

Sunscreen creams should be used in all seasons to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Sunlight on the skin; dryness, as well as triggering loss of elasticity; It also has the feature of accelerating skin aging, especially in people who neglected to use sunscreen during the summer. It is necessary to take precautions against wrinkles developed due to UV. For this, sunscreen products should be continued to be used in autumn and winter months. Because in every season and hour of daylight, our skin is exposed to UV rays and gets older. Night creams and mask products with antioxidant properties can be used for aging skin, and chemical peeling method applied by dermatologists and filling if necessary can be applied to reduce fine wrinkles, which are signs of aging of the skin. Water consumption should not be neglected and fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants A, C and E vitamins should be consumed in order to keep your skin healthy not only in summer but throughout all four seasons.

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