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Diet and dietitian

It is the general name given to the nutrition programs applied to individuals who have weight problems, who want to lose their excess weight, achieve an aesthetic appearance and reduce their weight to sufficient weight in terms of health. Diet is not only a program applied by overweight people, but special diet programs are prepared for people who need to maintain their sweet and salty balance, such as blood pressure patients and diabetics. Diet programs are not something that can be determined by the person. For this, the opinions of a doctor or an expert should be taken and the programs given by them should be acted upon.

The task of a trained dietitian is to provide information about nutritional psychology, the biological connections of nutrients and the value of nutrients. At the same time, it should raise awareness of its customers about food habits, living standards, body awareness and sports. If you need a dietitian, there is only one point to consider. The dietitian is recommended to you by whom and the environment is in a serious health institution.

A dietitian helps people who are prone to obesity by learning about their eating habits and why they eat it. In this way, it helps overweight people to lose weight in a healthy way by preparing an accurate and personalized diet program. In addition, it explains to expectant mothers how to eat during pregnancy.

It helps the mother to take the foods that need attention during this period, the nutrients necessary for the baby and herself. At the same time, she gives information about what sports activities she can do during this period. Athletes, on the other hand, prepare a special diet plan for whatever sport they are playing.