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Diagnosis and follow-up of moles

I diagnosis and follow-up are very important and in some cases, life-saving.

If a mole with cancer risk is recognized and removed early, we will eliminate the risk of Malignant Melanoma, which metastasizes very rapidly and can have the worst course among all cancers, and this is vital.

Risky moles are easily marked with a dermatoscopy device. Mathematically, the risk of developing malignant melanoma in a mole is calculated.

It is best to immediately excise moles that are considered to be at very high risk and request histopathological examination.

It is very important for people with many moles on their body to show their moles to a dermatologist every 6 months or at least once a year.

It is vital to detect moles with a high risk of transformation and to follow up and remove these moles.


–A–Asymmetry–change of mole shape

–B–Border Irregularity

–Colour–Changes in the color of the mole and seeing more than 4 colors in me

–D–Different Stucture– Development of a different structure on the mole, bleeding or itching, crusting —

In other words, any change that deviates from the normal, such as a strangeness, differentiation, growth, change in structure, bleeding, is very important and it would be very correct to see a dermatologist immediately.


”I Can’t Be Touched”

‘Mouses Should Not Be Taken’

”They Take Me And It Leaped, Spread”

All these are completely false beliefs. If your Dermatologist has examined you and has seen a potential for cancer development in your mole with dermatoscopy, or if your mole has turned into cancer, the total removal of that mole as soon as possible is the most correct and even the most appropriate action to save your face.

If your mole is at risk of cancer and it is cancer, on the contrary, keeping it there is a great danger for metastasis to your body, that is, for the development of cancer in other areas.

In other words, the belief that moles cannot be touched, moles cannot be removed is a very dangerous and completely false belief!!

Let your doctor take your risky moles.

This early treatment will save your life!!!