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What is Under Eye Light Filling?

fillers; They are filling, repairing, beautifying substances with various contents and applied to many parts of the face.

Important Points of Under-Eye Light Filling

When it comes to the most precious organ like our “eye”, of course, it is expected that the filling should be special, like every procedure done to it. Due to its nature, the under-eye is a fast-swelling, bruised area in any intervention. Since the communication with people is provided with the eyes first, the appearance of this area becomes much more important, but it requires great care and skill during the process.

Light fillings developed in recent years are suitable for this delicate structure of the under eye, easy to apply, and have minimal side effects. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, antiage substances and amino acids they contain, it has become much easier to correct under-eye bruises, under-eye bags and under-eye hollows.

How to Apply Under-Eye Light Filling

The method of application is made with a “Blunt”-tipped material called “Cannula”, which is not a needle. Since this reduces the trauma, there is no bruising and swelling.

Under-Eye Light Fill Effect

As soon as the effect is made, the patient immediately notices the light in his eyes and the rejuvenation on his face. From the twenties, it can be easily applied to under-eye bruises, under-eye bags, lines under and around the eyes, and under-eye hollows. If you want your eyes not to darken and look tired, it is enough to give your dermatologist 10 minutes.

About Under Eye Mesotherapy

The process called under-eye mesotherapy (Light Eyes Ultra) is a refreshing treatment for the problems around the eyes. It is performed by specialist dermatologists.

This treatment, which is used for bruises around the eyes, ring formations, wrinkles and under-eye bags, is performed by injecting a mesotherapy drug, which has its own unique content, around the eyes. The drug contains mostly antioxidant compounds, vitamins C, various vitamins, herbal ingredients such as hexapeptide and holly. obtained from the combination of these substances with each other under eye mesotherapy The drug solves the problems complained about around the eyes with positive reactions. The skin around the eyes is easily deformed due to its delicate structure and is quickly affected by environmental factors. When the eyes are overtired, when used for a long time, when poor quality cosmetics and care products are used, it wears out and creates various problems. Eye mesotherapy, which is one of the treatments used to eliminate these problems, is performed by injection with fine-tipped needles. The injection dose is adjusted by specialist doctors and is adjusted by checking the suitability of the person’s skin structure, the degree of the problems, the age and skin color of the person. Depending on the degree of the problem, the doctor decides how many sessions the treatment will be applied. After the procedure, cold application is applied to prevent redness and swelling around the eyes, and cold application also accelerates blood circulation, allowing the treatment to take effect more quickly. Cold application is both supportive and preventive application in treatment. Again, sunscreen ingredients are used to protect the eye area after the procedure.

Wrinkles, bruises and bags under the eyes, which have become the problem of many women today, have recently become easily solvable thanks to rapidly developing technology and equipment. Under eye mesotherapyIt is one of the most commonly used treatment options.