Detention bruises!

How to remove bruises under detention?

Under-eye bruises or black circles are a very common problem in the society… Although they do not cause any harm to people medically, they create an aesthetic problem by making us look older and tired than we are.

Causes of detention bruises:

allergy : Those with allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis or allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Itchy skin patients cause the red blood cells in the vein to go out of the vein due to scratching and the accumulation of the color substance called hemosiderin in the region. Again, chronic sinusitis and allergic respiratory diseases cause blood pooling in the veins in the region, causing bruises under the eyes more frequently.

Genetic :In some families, detention bruises are more common.

Lifestyle and habits:Causes such as smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption and insomnia increase dark circles under the eyes.

thinning of the skin: As a result of the loss of collagen and fat in the skin due to aging or other reasons, the capillaries approach the skin surface and become more visible

sun damage :Sun rays can lead to dark circles under the eyes by increasing the production of melanin, which is the main color substance in the skin.

skin color:Dark-skinned people are more likely to suffer from under-eye circles because they are more prone to developing uneven pigmentation.

Treatment of detention bruises:

In the treatment of under-eye bruises, the treatment of the underlying diseases, if any, is appropriate. Application of cold compresses can temporarily relieve patients with bruises under their eyes. Again, regulating sleep and using an extra pillow while lying down can be effective by reducing the fullness of the under-eye veins. Creams containing vitamins E, C and K, products containing retinol and glycolic acid, can partially remove the dark circles under the eyes. Although the products offered as herbal solutions for bruises under detention are partially beneficial, it is difficult to produce a permanent solution with this method.

In recent years, especially the use of lasers gives promising results in the treatment of dark circles. The lasers used for this purpose can be used alone or in combination.

1-Q-switched Nd-YAG laser

2-CO2 and Er-YAG lasers

3-Fractional laser

4-Pulsed dye laser

Laser treatment usually requires more than one session (often 3-4). Session numbers are planned according to the device to be used.