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This method, also known as mezoroller, micro needling or dermatherapy, is one of the skin beauty secrets of many Hollywood celebrities.

This method is carried out by means of a device consisting of 200 extremely thin, specially prepared metal needles arranged on a cylindrical drum. It is applied to the skin with light pressure and micro channels are opened at the desired depth in that area. From these channels that close in 15-20 minutes; Products containing special serums, vitamin and mineral solutions, stain removal and skin rejuvenating creams, growth factors, peptide and stem cell extracts are fed to the skin by massage, ensuring that they reach the lower layers in large amounts.

The treatment takes place both with these substances and thanks to the skin’s own repair cells, which migrate to that area to repair the controlled damage to the skin. The size required by the treatment is selected from the micro needles of 0.5, 1, 1.5 or 2 mm in the device and applied. While 0.5 mm dermoroller is used for sensitive skin, 1.5 or 2 mm depth can be selected for acne scars and cracks.


Skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation

Line and wrinkle treatment

Elimination of large pores

Treatment of acne and burn scars

Reducing blemishes

Stimulation of roots in hair loss

Before the treatment, anesthetic cream is applied to ensure that the procedure is completed painlessly. It is natural to have redness on the skin immediately after the application, this redness usually disappears within 30-45 minutes. Activities such as bathing, swimming pool and sports are not recommended on the same day.

Dermoroller does not cause sun sensitivity. It is safe to use even in summer. It does not harm the barrier property of the skin. People who apply this method can continue their daily lives, but it is recommended to use sun protection creams throughout the day.

Although the duration of the treatment varies according to the area applied and the result obtained, it is completed in 4-8 sessions with 3-4 week intervals. For example, while 4 sessions are sufficient for skin rejuvenation, deeper application and more sessions may be required for heavy acne scars and stretch marks. The use of home use products during treatment increases its effectiveness. The results obtained with this method are permanent. .