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Dermapen – dermaroller – dermatherapy


It is a beautification and rejuvenation method, which is a good alternative for those who have heavy work traffic and cannot wait at home after applications such as laser for wound healing, due to its ease of application, successful effect, not distraction from your work, and short recovery time.

This method; Although it is mentioned under different applications such as dermaroller, dermastamp, dermapen, the correct definition is dermatherapy. Depending on the appliance used for the procedure, it is important to apply the correct appliance and the correct technique, as it may sometimes cause permanent tears and lines on the skin.

In Dermatherapy, the microchannels opened with appliances with many millimeter-sized needles are perceived by the skin as if they were wounds and the skin initiates a repair mechanism within itself. One of the most important functions of this mechanism is the synthesis of structures such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin fibrils due to the secretion of growth factors in the skin.

All these substances, which are produced because there is no real wound in the environment, provide us with an anti-aging effect. It is possible to see that fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and burns and acne scars are lightened. Combining the Dermapen effect with the unique effects of dermal therapy products, Dermatherapy provides confidence and excellent effectiveness in fine-deep lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, bruises and bags under the eyes, acne and burn scars, blemishes (melasma and hyperpigmentation). can be applied with

Spot bleeding is the expected effect. With the help of opened micro channels, minimal trauma in the subcutaneous tissue initiates the healing process. Fibroblast is activated. Collagen and elastin are synthesized. If there are laxity and fine wrinkles, spots or acne scars on the skin, these go away with a decrease in each session of the treatment.

After the procedure is completed, while the micro channels are still open, serums containing special growth factors and stem cells should be given by the doctor according to the type of problem in order to accelerate the transition under the skin and increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Serum obtained with PRP can also be used during the dermatherapy process. Because there are many growth factors in PRP that both accelerate wound healing and rejuvenate the skin. After the procedure, depending on the depth of the procedure, redness occurs on the skin ranging from a few hours to 1-2 days. During this period, sunscreen creams should be used.
Depending on the source and degree of the problem, 6-8 sessions can be applied. The frequency of application varies between 1-2 weeks, depending on the case and the depth of the procedure.
It can be used for antiaging purposes, spot treatments, acne scars, tightening of the skin with large pores, and skin cracks.
It is safe to use. It has no effect other than mild burning and slight redness after treatment. It does not require special care after treatment and the person can continue his daily life.

In Which Disorders Is Dermatherapy Treatment Applied?

– Removing wrinkles and fine lines,
– In hair loss, regenerating hair follicles,
– In removing skin blemishes,
– In the removal of acne and acne scars,
– Removing skin cracks
– It is effectively applied in removing under-eye bags and bruises.

The session duration is 30 minutes on average, depending on the size of the area to be treated. in progress.

The therapeutic effect is usually permanent. In order for the discomfort to not recur, the effects that cause the problem must be eliminated.

Depending on the type of problem, the length of the needles used in dermatherapy and the depth of penetration into the skin vary. In superficial procedures, if only the superficial layer of the skin is to be affected, 0.5-1 mm should be descended, and if skin rejuvenation or scar-crack treatment is desired, deeper, 2-2.5 mm should be descended. However, skin thickness varies in different parts of the face or body. Moreover, there may be individual differences. For example, it would be inconvenient to go below a certain depth on the eyelid. It is necessary to pay attention to the depth and frequency of the work in places that may have healing problems such as the neck. The application is a therapeutic procedure and is applied by dermatologists, who are the physicians who know the skin best.