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Damage to the skin caused by sun rays

Damages Caused by Sun Rays on the Skin

The sun has been the source of life for our world and humanity for millions of years and has taken its place as one of the basic building blocks of our existence. Throughout human history, some beliefs have even been founded on sun worship. The sun, which is so important in terms of human history, has many importance in terms of sociological, psychological and health. The weaker human relations, the high suicide rate, and the more introverted society in the regions close to the pole, where nights are very long, are attributed to being deprived of the sun. In support of this, as we get closer to the equator, we encounter happier, social and life-loving societies.

In addition, sun rays have healing effects on many skin diseases.

The effects of the sun, which is so valuable to us, on our world are through ultraviolet (UV) rays. There are three types of UV rays. UVA, UVB and UVC. The most harmful of these is UVC, which is stopped in the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Damage to the ozone layer will cause these harmful rays to fall on our world. UVB and UVA reach the earth. These rays are also responsible for the harmful effects of the sun such as aging, sunburn, skin cancers and freckling. The most important of these harmful effects is skin cancers. It has been shown that sun rays can trigger skin cancers due to continuous exposure in suitable people. Skin cancers are a group of diseases that are increasing in prevalence all over the world, especially in the elderly population, and can adversely affect patients and their families if not detected at an early stage. The most dangerous is Malignant Melanoma.

Malignant melanoma can start on an old mole or on normal skin or even the nail. It starts with discoloration ranging from brown to black and can soon become life-threatening. Due to the significant increase in the European region, including our country, in the last ten years, a group of dermatologists named Euromelanoma was established and the disease was followed up seriously. Raising public awareness is the most important early diagnosis method. Because it is very important in the early diagnosis of skin cancers to follow the small color changes in our skin or the sudden changes that occur in our moles. In addition, knowing how to protect ourselves from the sun and protecting ourselves and our loved ones from harmful sun rays helps in the prevention of skin cancers in the long term.

Sun Protection

A decrease in skin cancers will be achieved by increasing the use of sunscreen and teaching conscious sun protection through measures such as local governments and the state providing training on skin cancers, sun protection starting from primary schools, distributing sunscreen free of charge to those working outdoors, or reducing tax rates. A similar situation was applied in Australia after the World War II and there was a serious decrease in melanoma patients with a very high rate of deaths.

To check the moles on our body periodically, to apply to a SKIN SPECIALIST without losing time in new color changes, black-brown changes in areas such as lips-eyes-nails; In fact, we recommend those who have many moles on their body to go to a dermatologist regularly 1-2 times a year for the early diagnosis of skin cancers. We will also share sun protection methods, which is another important situation in this regard, in our next article.

Let’s protect our most precious garment, our skin…

prof. Dr. Umit Tursen