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Curious about Ftc therapy

1. In which situations and to whom is FTC therapy applied? What are the advantages?

Generally, it can be done to those who are 30-50 years old and do not have much sagging. Age is not a criterion. The degree of sagging of the skin and soft tissues and their suitability for hanging are important. On faces with slightly drooping and tired expressions; creates a rested, rested image. It does not create a “tense, tense” face like after facelift surgery. It can be kept secret as it does not require disappearance. Those who are unaware of the procedure will strain the patient, feel a change, but do not notice any scars, swelling, etc. He will not be able to make sense of it because he cannot see,
He will keep his doubts to himself.

2. Which areas can be seen contour effect in FTC Therapy?

With FTC Therapy, contour effect is provided in nasolabial folds, jaw line, double chin correction, arms and hips and abdominal areas.

3. What are the medical aesthetic procedures that can be used in combination with FTC Therapy?

FTC Therapy alone is effective in skin rejuvenation, improvement of skin tone, removal of wrinkles and skin sagging. However, it is also suitable for combination therapy. In order to strengthen the effect after application, the combination of PRP, microneedling therapy with filler and botulinum toxin injection is highly beneficial.

4. Who should practice FTC Therapy?

FTC Therapy should be administered by qualified physicians and surgeons. For this, the relevant doctors are expected to have attended FTC Therapy Theoretical and Practical Training. In case of successful completion of the training, a “competence” certificate is given to the relevant doctors.

5. How long is the permanence of the application results?

about 2 years

6. Are there any side effects?

FTC Therapy is an extremely safe minimally invasive method. No side effects are expected. Although rare, short-term swelling or bruising is considered normal.

7. What is the price of FTC Therapy?

It varies according to the situation of the person who will have the application and the amount of PDO yarn to be used to provide the necessary application. Please contact for detailed information.