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Cracks are also treated

Until today, the approach to the treatment of cracks has always been about micro-damage to the skin and recovery of the skin. Such methods are still available and can only treat the appearance of the crack at a level of 15-25%. However, cracks are not only problems on the outer surface. We must consider the skin as a whole. The most important reason for the formation of stretch marks is based on hormonal changes. Of course, mechanical effects (gravity, weight gain, etc.) already cause the cracks to deepen and grow as a result of hormonal changes. Current studies have proven that cracks actually atrophy. What is atrophy? Atrophy is the shrinkage of cells when they cannot be fed, that is, tissue loss. If you pay attention, when you touch the crack, your finger will enter slightly. As a result, if there is a problem on the basis of cells, it is stated that it is not enough to peel the skin with systems such as fractional laser, dermabrasion or to energize with micro needling systems. The scant results so far already prove this. Another important point is that the cracks formed on the skin cannot be colored or tanned. In this type of skin-damaging applications, apart from the inability to treat the crack adequately, no contribution can be made to the coloring and tanning of the skin. This does not help patients who are psychologically disturbed by their cracks in front of the mirror and in their daily life.

After 14 years of work and research in total, a system that treats cracks without damaging the skin has been developed for the first time. It is stated that with this system produced in Italy, it is now possible to heal the crack by an average of 85%. By 85%, it is stated that this figure should not be misunderstood, there is absolutely no failure like 15%, and this figure is related to filling the crack, that is, healing is certain in every crack, and there are no side effects. It seems that it is now possible to get rid of stretch marks without feeling any pain and without any restrictions on living standards by feeding some specific amino acid-based serums to the skin together with a completely Bio-compatible magnetic field. In other words, during the treatment, you can go out in the sun, go to the solarium, tan your cracks and bring them to the same color and tan level as your healthy skin.

How does this device do this? How is it different from other systems?

According to the statements of scientists, no harm is given to the skin, and sodium and potassium are pumped into the cell with positive and negative energy, with the help of Sodium and Potassium, which is the nutrient desired by the cell, with bio-compatible magnetic field therapy. Sodium and potassium pumped into the cell with a positive current provide the nutrients the cell needs. Then, by removing the toxins in the cell with negative current, detoxification (toxin removal) takes place, and thus the cell receives the necessary nutrients and returns to its normal level. As the sessions progress, the cracks begin to gain color.

This system, which received the Italian innovation award, has now started to be given as a course in the master’s programs in the field of medical aesthetics at the University of Pisa and the University of Barcelona.

Biodermogenesi®, the stretch marks treatment method whose effectiveness has been documented by independent research, academic studies and scientific publications, is touted as the only solution that guarantees permanent and serious results and has been documented through multiple biopsies and ultrasound scans. Biodermogenesi® crack treatment method is applied with a system called Bi-One®.

Research conducted by the Faculty of Dermatology at the University of Pisa has proven that stretch marks disappear at an unprecedented rate of over 80%, completely superior to other treatments recommended before Biodermogenesi®. The case study, conducted in detail on thousands of users, also revealed that the results were achieved with no side effects and no special restrictions on patients. Therefore, after the treatment, you can sunbathe, wear stretchy clothes and do anything you wish besides sports.

The research also revealed that the results obtained with Biodermogenesi® persist even four to five years after application, confirming that this method not only achieves an aesthetic result, but also literally destroys stretch marks.

Biodermogenesis Method

The important feature that distinguishes the Biodermogenesi® method from other treatments is that it renews itself by providing biological revitalization of the tissues, normalizes the abnormal metabolic activities in the skin, and triggers normalization by increasing cellular activities in the support tissue and upper skin.

With the Biodermogenesi® method triggering normalization without creating a scar, natural collagen (wound healing collagen is different from normal collagen tissue) and elastic tissue increase in the skin support tissue, which cannot normally be obtained with other treatments, and the skin can be colored by regaining the normal color production ability of the color-producing cells in the upper skin. It is stated that the Biodermogenesi® method is very superior to other treatment options because it is a painless treatment that does not affect daily life and the improvement achieved is over 80%.

In the most important step of the method, Na+ and K+ are pumped into the cells and fibroblasts. The Biodermogenesi® method uses electromagnetic waves with highly variable positive and negative valence frequencies, which do not allow energy to pass into the skin, with the help of a special probe. As Na+ and K+ are able to transfer nutritional factors through the cell membrane, they nourish the cells and help to remove toxins produced by normal skin metabolism from inside the cell. In this way, mitosis in cells and fibroblasts increases by 400%. The healing process is triggered, and the depth in the cracks due to tissue atrophy begins to fill. As the sessions progress, the color-producing melanocyte cells in our upper skin regain their normal color-producing ability, resulting in the coloring of the cracks.

The Biodermogenesi® method, the effectiveness of which is supported by clinical studies and biopsy samples and ultrasonographic results, seems to be a breakthrough treatment technique in the treatment of skin cracks, which is painless, does not cause negative changes in the skin, does not affect daily life and can also provide coloration.

Number of Sessions and Interval

Before starting the stretch marks treatment, a special form is filled by the patient and the doctor to determine the number of sessions, and according to the resulting scoring, the number of sessions the treatment will consist of is determined.

In general, a treatment program of 15-20 sessions is applied for cracks up to 10 years, and a treatment program of 20 sessions and more is applied for cracks that are 10 years or more.

Sessions are held at least 2 and at most 3 times a week. It is stated that the important criterion here is that a session can be applied every 48 hours and doing it more often does not bring any extra benefit.