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Could sunspots be the first sign of aging?

Spots on the skin appear with the increase of melanin pigment, which gives our skin its color. The production of this pigment is by cells called melanocytes, under the influence of various hormones and ultraviolet rays. These pigments, whose synthesis starts automatically under the influence of the sun’s rays, are actually the natural sunscreens of our skin. However, since the ozone layer is a hole, our own natural pigments cannot provide sufficient protection against carcinogenic rays.

Moles, age spots, sunspots and freckles are skin spots that look different from each other according to their formation mechanism. The first goal in their treatment is to stay away from the sun and solarium or to make use of them consciously, the second goal is to apply the treatment methods that the dermatologist deems appropriate according to the lesion and to prevent them from becoming malignant by regularly following them.

The most common skin blemishes I They are lesions in which the number of melanin is locally increased. While these may be congenital, some may appear later. The treatment of a wide variety of moles, from the smallest to those large enough to cover most of the body, should be treated after being evaluated by a dermatologist. Some just surgicalwhile some may be laser therapycan also be done.

Sunspots, which are caused by the effect of ultraviolet rays, can sometimes occur alone and sometimes with the effect of a hormonal situation. Pregnancy, menstrual irregularity, using birth control pills and having a similar condition in the family (genetics) melasma (pregnancy mask) It causes this type of stain. The treatment of this condition, which can be seen mostly on the forehead, on the cheekbones, on the lips, and which is darker than the skin color, can be treated with various drug creams and dermatological methods.

After being examined by a dermatologist, microdermabrasion or chemical peeling can be performed after the skin thickness of our patient is analyzed according to the depth and spread of the stain. Very successful results are obtained with laser treatments alone or in combination with these methods. The duration of treatment is related to the duration of existence of our patient’s current lesion, its size and the method applied, and the applications are scheduled to start in autumn and be completed until mid-spring.

Another skin blemish that occurs with the effect of ultraviolet lentigo (sunspot or age spot) Stop. It is an increase in the number of cells called melanocytes, as in moles, which are usually seen after middle age and sometimes at earlier ages. It is different from moles in shape. Lentigoes appear in milky brown to dark brown colors with more superficial and stellate appendages. Most often on the back of the hand ( age spots ), appear in the V-zone of the chest (sunspots), shoulders, back and forehead. Their number and size may increase with age. The presence of these lesions is also a sign that the skin is open to sun damage.

Existing moles of this type of skin should also be followed by a dermatologist with the dermatoscope method. Peeling treatments, cryotherapy and drugs can be used in its treatment, but laser treatments are the most successful.

Depending on the light color of our skin type and genetic predisposition freckles also emerges. These appear with the migration of pigments from the deep layer of the skin to the surface under the influence of the sun; melanin count is normal. It disappears as the sun exposure disappears. Therefore, they usually do not need to be treated.