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contact dermatitis

The term eczema is a skin disease that we all know in daily life and that many people around us experience. In this article, I will talk about the most common contact dermatitis among eczema.

contact dermatitis; It comes in two forms, irritant and allergic. Both are disease groups that negatively affect our lives and make us tired if we do not apply prevention methods.

Irritant contact dermatitis; It is a reaction in the skin caused by irritant substances that change the pH, moisture or structural integrity of the skin. A few hours after contact with these substances, redness, itching and watering occur. Weak irritants such as water and soap cause drying, cracking and thickening of the skin upon repeated contact. The concentration of the irritant determines the severity of the disease in the area of ​​contact.

Allergic contact dermatitis is a hypersensitivity reaction within 48-96 hours after re-contact of the allergen that has been in contact with the skin before. Oils, resins, chemicals used in the textile industry, rubber, cosmetics, insecticides, plants, substances used for teeth can cause allergic contact dermatitis. The eclipse zone gives us information about what the allergen is. Redness and itching on the eyelids suggest cosmetics and nail polish, and findings around the mouth suggest toothpaste, chewing gum, perfume on the neck and behind the ears, and jewelry containing nickel. Especially in wounds in the mouth, amalgam in the filling, adhesive and metals in the prosthesis are important reasons. In this type of eczema, itching, redness and rash may occur not only in contact areas but also in different areas.

Contact dermatitis, as I said at the beginning, is a life-threatening picture if it is not determined against what it is against. A strict questioning of the patient is performed by dermatologists, and a test called Patch test is applied. With this test, the allergen is recognized and the patient’s contact with this allergen is prevented. For this, special preventers and treatments to minimize their complaints are arranged.

I think that this situation, which is extremely important in terms of occupational safety and occupational diseases, should be evaluated more sensitively, especially in our city, which is in the attack of industrialization and production.