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Chemical peeling treatment in the treatment of spots and scars on the face

Chemical peeling process; It is the controlled regeneration of a certain layer of damaged face or body skin using chemical acids. The history of chemical peeling dates back to ancient times. Even in the records obtained from the Ancient Egyptian period, data regarding the application of this form of treatment were found. Today, its modern application started in the 1880s and gained momentum after the 1960s.

Chemical peeling process is divided into 4 groups;

Very superficial chemical peel

Superficial chemical peeling

Medium depth chemical peel

deep chemical peel

As the amount and concentration (percentage) of the acids used increase, the amount of damage they cause to the skin gradually increases. The purpose of chemical peeling is to damage the skin in a controlled manner and to ensure that healthy, disease-free skin comes from the bottom. The main acids used in chemical peeling are;

glycolic acid

Salicylic acid

Lactic acid


Pruvic acid

Trichloroacetic acid


Chemical peeling can be used successfully as a treatment agent in many diseases and conditions. The main ones are;

In the treatment of acne vulgaris (acne),

In the treatment of removing acne scars,

In the treatment of melasma (sunspots developing after birth),

In the treatment of freckles,

In the treatment of lentigo (brown rashes on the skin due to the sun),

In the treatment of warts,

In the treatment of black and white spots on the face,

Antiaging (in the treatment of skin aging)

In the treatment of facial wrinkles

In the treatment of scar tissue,

Although the effectiveness of chemical peeling varies from disease to disease, it usually takes 4-5 sessions of treatment with 15-day intervals. After the procedure, it is recommended that patients be protected from the sun in order to avoid scars during the 1-week recovery period. This procedure must be performed by a specialist physician who is experienced and knowledgeable in this field. Otherwise, some unwanted side effects (burning, redness, increase in brown spots, scar tissue developmentā€¦) may occur on the skin.