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Center (gentle) peel

Now, the common request of almost all of us; We are of the opinion that “Let me do something on my face, it will be very nice, but it should not have any side effects”. Especially when it comes to peeling, we want it not to peel and redden. Just at this point, phytic acid peeling comes to the rescue of both patients and us physicians. Peelings; It is almost one of the most experienced skin renewal applications. Peelings have come a long way in favor of comfort in terms of application forms and side effects from the first time to this time, and one of the best examples of this is phytic acid peeling. Phytic acid; It is a very good alternative to acids that act by irritating the skin. Thanks to its very gentle skin regeneration capacity, our patients can regain their new skin without discomfort.

Phytic Acid has 3 main effects.

These ;

Helps regulate the oil balance of the skin

It helps to lighten the spots on the skin by showing a suppressive effect on the enzyme involved in the formation of melanin, which gives its color to the skin.

It strengthens collagen and elastin, which are the cornerstones of the skin, thus helping the skin to be firmer and brighter.

Then, in which complaints should we apply phytic acid peeling?

If we have acne and oily skin, and we do not want to use heavy drugs, but on the other hand, we want to be treated.

If our skin has gradually started to become stained and fine lines have appeared,

If we have prominent pores and we want to achieve a better skin with tightening

If we do not have a clear complaint, but on the other hand, we need to protect and revitalize the existing one.

If we want to return to our daily activities immediately after the transaction

Phytic acid peeling can be applied easily.

As for what we should pay attention to after the procedure;

We should apply the sunscreen cream recommended by our dermatologist at least 3 times a day.