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cellulite treatment,

Although cellulite is predominantly a problem of women, it can also be seen in men who gain weight and have androgen hormone deficiency or insufficiency.

As it is known, cellulite is not the problem of fat people, it can also be seen in thin people. Causes include loosening of the subcutaneous connective tissue that leads to a bumpy appearance, edema (water retention), usually in people with genetic predisposition and often associated with our hormonal cycles, microcirculation deterioration, the associated increase in subcutaneous fat retention, and the surrounding of the fat lobules with hard fibrous capsules. Therefore, it is a disease associated with many interrelated mechanisms in the form of a vicious circle.

There are also phases of cellulite. If there is an appearance that appears as an orange peel only when the skin is squeezed between two fingers or when the muscles are tense, it is considered as stage I when it is in the normal position, but if pits occur when the muscles are tense, it is stage II, if there are both pits and stiffness and it is painful, it is considered as stage III.

In the treatment of cellulite, it is important to follow a path aimed at correcting the causes of its occurrence and to apply a combined care accordingly. That’s why there is no single treatment for cellulite. None of them gives sufficient results on their own. The main methods applied; Lymph drainage massage with LPG, stimulating both muscles and connective tissue with electrostimulation (ESM-Quantum-Caci), similarly, radiofrequency and infrared therapy that stimulate the connective tissue a little stronger and reduce subcutaneous fat, mesotherapy and carboxytherapy from needle procedures.

In addition to these methods, cellulite treatment is also supported internally with a special nutrition program and some food supplements that can be taken orally. If the diet is done alone, we do not lose enough fat from the desired area, and we can also lose it from our face and chest. For this reason, it can be easier for us to lose weight from the places we want if it is supported by diet while regional applications are made.

Lymph drainage massage is a must in order to eliminate circulatory disorder, which is one of the sine qua non of treatment and the most important cause of cellulite. The reason why we prefer LPG massage, especially as dermatologists, is because we know that it is related to the science of endermology and it has been approved by the FDA. The most important point is that this massage is applied by strictly qualified people. Otherwise, it may cause sagging skin, low hips or an increase in cellulite. The long-term results of even hand massages applied to unconscious hands can unfortunately cause cellulite to worsen. The results can be much better with mesotherapy and carboxytherapy applied immediately after the massage. Because before the procedure, it can regulate the circulation and be purified from toxins.

How does LPG affect?

LPG increases blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the areas where it is applied, provides tissue drainage by facilitating the excretion of metabolic wastes, and gives flexibility to the skin by releasing existing fibrous bands. With LPG application, all subcutaneous tissues from the skin to the muscle are reshaped.

Application areas for aesthetic purposes

cellulite treatment

To provide body contour corrections and local thinning

To increase the tone and elasticity of the sagging skin

Combined use with carboxytherapy and mesotherapy

To accelerate the healing process after liposuction and to eliminate irregularities.

How are LPG applications made?

Special application socks are worn for each patient during the treatment. The number of sessions varies between 10-20 sessions. LPG treatment is completely painless and can have stress-reducing and relaxing effects on the patient. The application takes 35 minutes in each session.
*15 sessions are applied for 2 months.


Mesotherapy literally means the treatment of the middle layer of the skin. However, if this word is understood today; It is the administration of drugs into the skin for treatment or aesthetic purposes. It is a very old method whose history goes back 200 years; At first, it was started to be used with the understanding that it could relieve tinnitus with procaine, and later aesthetic medicine applications were added.

Today, it is frequently applied especially for getting rid of localized fat in the body, for the treatment of cellulite or for skin rejuvenation and hair nourishment. It is also used by physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists to relieve pain.

In the mesotherapy method, procaine, gingko biloba and buflomedil are used as circulation regulators under the skin with a very thin injector with a special gun to the area with cellulite, while many more specialty drugs such as phosphatidyl choline (soy), carnitine, caffeine, artichoke extract are used as fat disintegrants. is used. Finally, the skin restructuring drugs are used in cocktails consisting of organic silicon, vitamin C, mixed vitamins and amino acids. Session intervals vary from person to person, but are once a week; It is 4-10 sessions.


The main starting point of this method is the view that leaving an environment without oxygen (hypoxic environment), triggering blood flow to that environment, that is, bringing oxygen by accelerating the circulation, enables the use of fat cells in that area, thus reducing the fat tissue. The innocence of carbon dioxide gas and the innocence of the treatment, which is shaped with this thought, are also effective in giving confidence in the application.
Because our body is already accustomed to carbon dioxide gas and routinely expels this gas either through the lungs or kidneys. As for how it affects; The introduction of carbon dioxide gas under the skin through a thin needle triggers a mechanism that firstly accelerates blood flow to that area, and more importantly, regulates circulation. In this way, the oxygen transport process, which is the first task of the blood, begins. When the blood coming to the region where carbon dioxide is given takes the carbon dioxide in this region and leaves it with oxygen, fat burning is initiated in the fat cells. Of course, there may be local thinning or tightening during such a procedure. In addition, oxygenated cells are revitalized and the skin is tightened, areas with cracks (striae) on the skin can heal, tension in the skin can increase, and on the one hand, cells can burn more fat.

In addition, apart from these two methods, proper nutrition and oral vitamins and minerals to be supplemented, the recommended form of sports (avoiding heavy sports) and consuming plenty of fluids are among the requirements for us to be successful. Some vitamin brands also have products that regulate circulation, repair connective tissue, support the resolution of edema, increase fat burning, and be effective in weight control. Ingredients such as gotu kola, pycnogenol, grape seed extract, gingko biloba, CLA, tonalin, L-carnitin, chromium-picolinate can be counted among these.