Cellulite detox

Now we all know that cellulite is not just an aesthetic issue. It is a kind of disease, a circulatory disorder or a condition in which the subcutaneous adipose tissue cannot be adequately nourished. If we take a closer look at the cellulite table;

§ Blood circulation is impaired

§ There is an estrogen imbalance

§ We suspect other hormonal problems that cause lubrication and water retention in the body,

§ Toxin accumulation in the body increased

§ Liver is tired, possibly getting fat

In addition, factors such as heredity, wrong eating habits, weight gain and loss, inactivity, smoking and body posture disorders, constipation also feed cellulite.

The purpose of all “cosmetic cellulite treatments” is the same, from massage to LPG and Radio Frequency, where we get very successful results; Controlling the accumulation of fluid in the body, accelerating blood and lymph circulation, relieving regional fat cells, breaking down fatty acids and allowing them to be excreted with urine. But unfortunately, none of these treatments mean that we will get rid of cellulite completely.

I’ll cover hormonal issues in another post. Today I would like to dwell on the importance of the Liver, which is often overlooked. Because the liver is the main organ that regulates the fat metabolism in our body and ensures the removal of excess fat.Thanks to it, our body removes toxins and purifies itself.

Everything we take into our body is, in a way, assimilated, purified and decomposed from toxins in the liver. All harmful substances accumulating in the body as a result of alcohol, chemicals that we are affected by at home, on the street or at work, drugs we take, unhealthy diet (especially processed food) tire the liver. . Many cause excess fat to accumulate in the liver. Thus, it is not possible for this vital organ of ours to function efficiently.

When the liver cannot cope with fats, it cannot prevent them from accumulating around the waist or under the skin. The most common symptoms of fatty liver are difficulty in losing weight, fat in the waist area, increased cellulite and increased cholesterol levels.


In order for our liver to repair itself and regain all its abilities, I recommend you a very simple detox diet for only 2 weeks. At the end of this period, you will feel very good. It will also be easier for you to lose weight and cope with cellulite. If your doctor finds it appropriate, you can increase the effectiveness of this diet with some nutritional supplements.

Some liver-friendly foods:

§ Artichoke

§ Garlic and onion

§ Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage

§ Fresh lemon juice

§ Beet

§ All fruits; especially apples, strawberries, carrots

§ Brown rice

§ Spinach

§ Tomato

§ Melon

§ Avocado

§ Turmeric-Indian saffron

§ Omega-3 fatty acids

§ Nutritional supplements such as Milk Thistle, cat’s claw ivy ((Uncaria Tomentosa), chicory and artichoke extract, bee pollen, NAC, Lecithin

Maybe this is your first time hearing about Cat’s Claw creeper. But in 1995, it was named “Plant of the Year” in the Pharmacology world. It is one of the most scientifically researched medicinal plants that grows wild and is protected in South America and the Peruvian Amazon.

Indigenous tribes have used this herb for joint and digestive system diseases, infections, injuries and cancer cases. It has been determined that the number of cancer cases and genetic defects in the region where the ivy grows is close to zero. In the 1970s, it attracted attention and was examined.


§ Do not consume milk and dairy products during this detox period.

§ Do not take starchy foods such as potatoes, bread and rice.

§ Eliminate alcohol, salt and saturated fats, processed foods, sugar and caffeine as well.

§ Do not use medication unless absolutely necessary. When you use painkillers, tranquilizers, vitamins you are not sure about, artificial sweeteners unnecessarily, think again. Consult your doctor for these. Of course, we are not talking about essential drugs that you have to use constantly.

§ In order not to tire your liver, stay away from extremely hot and extremely cold foods and drinks, hot spices, fast and angry food, and all kinds of anger and tension. Anger and fear wear out the liver.

And drink at least 8 glasses, 2 liters of water a day . This water helps to flush out harmful toxins from our body with urine or sweat.