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Especially with the emergence of the sun, the desire to get rid of excess weight and cellulite and to have a perfect body increases. Various methods tried for this purpose and long diet lists, which are often abandoned, are generally not successful in reaching a ‘happy ending’, apart from being ‘tiring’. for this purpose ”Cavitation” It may be possible to reach it with a new and effective method known as AMI MEDICELL Stable Cavitation With the device, moreover, results similar to ‘lipo-suction’ can be obtained without experiencing surgery, pain, aches or similar problems, sometimes even in a single session.

AMI MEDICELL Stable Cavitation system is a method based on the breakdown of fat cells using low-frequency ultrasound technology. Membranes (membranes) of fat cells in the body have the ability to break down more easily than other cell membranes. Bubbles formed by low-frequency ultrasound waves, by applying positive and negative energy, break the fat cell membranes in the working area. However, they do not harm other tissues and organs. Fatty acids released from the disintegrated fat cells are excreted from the body by metabolic and physical pathways.

Before the application, it is important to take the body measurements of the person to be treated and to photograph the area to be treated. Comparison of the measurements taken again after approximately 60 minutes of application in the problem area can often be ‘surprising’. This method, which provides an average of 1-6 cm thinning, differs from other methods known until recently in terms of its results. When the application, which is performed in 6 sessions at 10-day intervals, is completed, a significant reduction in the appearance of the orange peel occurs along with a serious thinning of the body.

Of course, there are some rules to be considered during and after the cavitation process, which is a serious regional thinning method. Not consuming oil within 5 days following the application and walking, jogging, aerobics, etc. for at least 25 minutes every day. It is important to do an activity that requires effort.

As a result, its effectiveness has been scientifically proven. Cavitation ”system is a painless, safe and effective body shaping process; It is a method that produces the desired results in cellulite, regional thinning and tightening. After this application, it is highly likely that you will fit more comfortably into your clothes, use your bikini more confidently, and in short, be at peace with your body.