Capillary treatment with laser

Lasers are systems that act on the skin by going down to certain depths according to their wavelengths.

In laser systems, there are chromophores in the skin that trap the laser light. These are water, hemoglobin and melanin.

Lasers used for capillary treatment act on the hemoglobin chromophore. While lasers are not very effective on large and medium varicose veins, it is more effective on thin red veins.

Depending on the color, depth and diameter of the capillary, 1 to several sessions of treatment may be required.

Capillary treatment with laser can be applied all over the body, often in the face and leg area.

After laser treatment, the capillaries either fade or disappear. For veins that do not disappear in a single session, it may be necessary to repeat the process at certain intervals.

Sometimes, although the vein does not completely disappear after the session, it may slowly fade over the following days.

While there is no risk in the treatment of capillaries with laser, the redness seen after the session can sometimes stay for days, crusting may occur, but these disappear within days.