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Bright and smiling eyes with under-eye light filling!

If you have dimples, bruises and circles under your eyes, If your eye area needs restructuring, you should meet with Under-eye light filling!

The problem of collapse in detention negatively affects many women and men. In addition to darkening in the color of the under-eye skin, the increase in its depth and cupping with age makes the person look tired and old. Immediately after the age of 30 in the detention area, especially women experience anxiety because of these areas. The most common reason for this is genetic predisposition. Allergic reactions, alcoholic beverages; lying position or sleep disorders are factors that increase this situation. Our eye area is surrounded by a special oil that can easily go in all directions and maintains its position thanks to a natural barrier called the ‘septum’. The septum is pushed forward by the fat bag due to genetic reasons and an age-related increase. As the bone structure of our face gets thinner as we age, the bone naturally moves backwards in this case. As a result, a cavity forms under our eye area. Even if the space is millimeter, it can be perceived much deeper and darker due to the shadows inside.

Detention is one of the structures that makes the face young and bright. Due to under-eye circles and reduction in texture, even a young woman without many wrinkles can look much older and tired than she is. To date, many combined processes have tried to develop a solution to this situation. However, thanks to the fillers containing hyaluronic acid specially developed for detention, the detention can be made lighter, brighter and fuller. The name of the light filling has a nice connotation as there is an enlightenment in these regions. These fillings are more special filling materials as they do not cause swelling and edema due to the loose texture of the area and provide a homogeneous appearance. With detention light filling; While the grooves, depressions, and bags on the lower eyelid can be successfully treated between the cheeks and the under-eye area, a significant reduction in under-eye bruises is achieved thanks to its protein, vitamin, amino acid and antioxidants. For this purpose, as stated, there can be combinations of hyaluronic acid and vitamins, and only pure cross-linked hyaluronic acids can be used only for filling purposes. It should not be forgotten that hyaluronic acid works for antiaging purposes by strengthening the skin structure. In this way, the missing substance is replaced under the skin, and skin quality will also be increased by providing skin rejuvenation. What is hyaluronic acid? Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in our body and serves to keep our skin hydration to a good level by keeping water in its deep layers. This powerful moisturizing agent begins to decline with age. Therefore, the skin dries, weakens and first wrinkles appear. The application of this filling shows features compared to other filling applications. The filler is applied on the bone. During the application, the light filling should be given very slowly. It is not a painful procedure. Due to the bruising and swelling of the needles, detention filler should be given by cannula. Careful application with a direct injector may also be preferred. However, since the tip of the cannula is blunt, there is no bruising or swelling, and therefore it is considered safer. In this way, possible vascular injuries will be protected. Of course, your doctor will warn you about not using blood thinners such as aspirin before the procedure. You can see the result immediately after the application of the filler, There is almost no swelling and bruising, especially in cannula applications. It will take its best form after an average of 1 week. We now know that long-term results are obtained around the eyes in applications with the use of hyaluronic acid. You can easily use the application for one and a half to two years, since it is an area that is not very actively affected by mimics when applied around the eyes, bags and lower eyelid.