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Botox in the treatment of underarm sweating

In Armpit Sweating; BOTOX, one of the effective treatment methods

Underarm sweating is a problem that leaves many people in a difficult situation, especially in the summer months.

Sweating is a system that balances the body by adjusting the body’s temperature and salt ratio. However, in armpit sweating, there is an increase in sweating far above what is necessary for the balance of the body. There may be a problem of wet appearance in clothes and discoloration of clothes due to sweating. Wet rings form on clothes. Some people can change shirts two or three times a day. It can be difficult to wear delicate clothes such as silk. Such situations create social discomfort in the person.

Underarm sweating is caused by overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. It has to do with the nature of the person. Stress and tension can increase the armpit sweating complaint.

Treatment methods are different. However, very successful results cannot be obtained in treatments with drugs, creams and deodorants. Botox (botox) method in the treatment of underarm sweating is an extremely successful method accepted by the FDA in 2004.

Method of application: In the treatment of underarm botox (botox), small amounts of botox (botox) are given to the sweating area in an average of 20-30 points. Before the Botox (botox) application, the drug is diluted. Botox treatment in armpit sweating takes a very short time. Anesthetic cream can be applied before the application. Since the application is made with special needles, the pain is not felt much. There are no significant side effects expected after the procedure. The effect of botox (botox) in the complaint of underarm sweating is around 6 months on average. April and May are the most suitable months for application.

You can live with your beautiful clothes in peace of mind, without traces of sweat and odor, in the intense summer season when the heat increases.