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Botox and its uses

It is a neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. That is, it is a toxin that acts on the nerve. Botulinum toxin is its original name while botox is its trade name. In nature; There are seven different botulinum toxin serotypes. But it is the commonly used and known A serotype. serotype A; It acts by stopping the release of acetylcholine from the motor nerves, that is, the nerves that stimulate the muscle. There are different botox substitutes around the world. The most common ones we know; are known names such as botox, disport, xeamin. There is only a dose difference between the subtypes of Botox. The botulinum toxin dose indicates the biological activity of the unit. This is different for each product. Since botulinum toxin is a protein-made substance, it can be recognized by the organism and develop antibodies, and for this reason, the treatment effect cannot be seen in some patients, since botulinum toxin is rapidly decomposed by the organism. In recent years, this situation has become common.

Ona botulinum toxin A (botox), Abo botulinum toxin A (disport); They are neurotoxins with different molecules obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Rimabotulinum toxin B (myobloc) and Incobotulinum toxin A (xeamin) types are; Widely used varieties in America and Europe. In patients who develop antibodies to botulinum toxin type A, myobloc is an alternative form of botox. Rimabotulinum toxin B can be used in such patients. The equivalent of Myobloc is the UK-made neurobloc.

Alan Scott, an ophthalmologist, first started using Botox in the treatment of strabismus in the 1960s-1970s. Later, botox treatment was tried in various neurological diseases (cervical dystonia, etc.) at Columbia University. Botox’s first name is “Occilinum”. When it was transferred to Allergan, the name was changed and botox was made.

Mimic lines on the upper part of the face, which are usually formed as a result of the work of the mimic muscles; Wrinkles formed due to sagging with the effect of gravity, closer to the lip around the lower part of the face, are images that we do not want to see in advanced ages. The most effective method to remove wrinkles caused by the repetitive contraction of the mimic muscles in the upper part of the face and the crushing of the tissue is the application of botilium toxin, which stops the mimic muscles and prevents tissue bruises. Botilium toxin stops the nerve impulse to the muscles and creates temporary paralysis in the muscle. Wrinkles and fine lines disappear because the muscle cannot contract.

Wrinkles formed by the contraction of mimic muscles; It is divided into dynamic lines and static lines.

Dynamic lines are not seen in the early period, that is, when they are stable at a young age. It is only seen when making gestures, when the face is in motion. Over time, the lines deepen. Wrinkles are evident on the face that does not move and does not make gestures, and these are called static lines. While dynamic lines disappear completely as a result of botox application, static lines can sometimes not be completely removed with botox application. On top of that, it may be necessary to add different methods to the botox application for the complete solution of the wrinkle treatment. These; plexr, laser wrinkle removal, filling methods. But all of these methods are procedures that can be applied after botox is done.

Botox application is generally used for aesthetic purposes. Forehead wrinkles, frown lines in the middle of the eyebrows, crow’s feet lines around the eyes, rabbit lines on the edge of the nose, cigarette lines above the lips are areas of use for aesthetic purposes.

Apart from cosmetics, this application is also used in various neurological disease indications. In chronic migraine patients, scrotum disorders in men, testicles, muscle spasms caused by stroke, anal fissures in general surgery, bladder overactivity in urology, sweating; It can be used for the treatment of excessive sweating of armpits, hands and feet. It has also recently been used for sweating in the groin area.

The way of application, dosage and application points are very important, it should be done by authorized persons. The procedure should be performed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons who are experts in their fields.

Botox should not be applied to everyone; Botox should not be applied to people with neurological diseases, patients with muscle weakness, pregnant and lactating mothers. The duration of this process varies between 4-6 months. Processing time is 4-5 minutes. In this procedure, which is painless and performed with thin injectors, numbing cream can be applied according to the patient’s request.

Some of the issues that the patient should pay attention to after the application;

Do not lie down for 4 hours

· Do not tilt upside down

· Exercise should be done in the areas where Botox is applied.

Although it does not have any side effects, it can cause eyebrows and eye drops when done incorrectly, temporary paralysis may occur when the dose is missed, but this situation is not permanent.