Body mesotherapy (for regional thinning and cellulite)

Many of us mobilized to enter the summer in shape; Some of us are on a diet, some of us have started sports again. Along the promenade, the fair is packed with people going for a walk. I look at it on my way to my practice in the morning, it’s like everyone put on their sweatpants and went for a run! Before the winter cheapness ended, summer showcases were also started to be made. It is now a must to get ready to wear bright and colorful clothes!

Losing weight is a separate issue, but there is also the issue of cellulite, and losing weight is not enough to get rid of them. Some people’s upper bodies and waists are thin, but a serious amount of fat accumulates in their legs. As they lose weight, their faces get smaller, their ribs come out, but their hips stay in place. In such cases, I can recommend you to have mesotherapy.

Although mesotherapy is used in many areas, it is mostly requested for regional slimming and cellulite treatment. If you ask what is mesotherapy; It is the administration of drugs under the skin with 4 mm needles. For regional thinning and cellulite, subcutaneous lipolytic, fat-dissolving, circulatory-regulating agents, artichoke extract, tone-enhancing, cellulite-removing drugs is injected. Injections 2 cm. done with a break.

The fat cells that cause cellulite are not normal. These are tissues that have lost their properties, collect water and harden. Losing weight won’t make them move. Substances injected with mesotherapy break down and relax the impaired fat cells that cause cellulite. Thus, the fat cells become normal again. In the meantime, if diet and sports are done, fats are converted into energy and removed from the body. Gradually, areas with cellulite become thinner, the body returns to its normal dimensions and the roughness of the skin disappears.

It is not easy to generalize who needs how many sessions. The duration of treatment varies according to the condition of the regions requiring regional thinning and the degree of cellulite. For some patients, 10 sessions are sufficient, while others require 30 sessions. Regardless, it should be checked every 3 months after treatment is completed. As a precaution, a session is repeated at intervals of 2 months.

During the treatment, 2 liters of water should be drunk daily, caffeinated drinks (tea, coffee, cola), soda and salt should be avoided, and a diet consisting of fat-free, sugar-free pulpy foods should be applied. Especially radishes, parsley, celery, strawberries and shelled rice help the body to remove excess water.

At the beginning of the sports recommended to get rid of cellulite; brisk walking, climbing stairs, swimming and cycling. Even a slow 1-hour walk is very helpful if you can’t do any of them.

Wishing you a good summer, goodbye.