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Black Point

Blackhead, which is a very common skin problem, can both pave the way for different skin problems and cause an uncomfortable appearance when not taken under control.

What is Blackhead and How Does It Form?

Blackhead is a skin problem that occurs as a result of the combination of excess oil secreted in the lower layer of the skin with dead skin and dirt on the skin surface.

Blackheads, also known as open comedones, occur as a result of clogging of open pores as the amount of oil increases on the skin surface, and becomes evident and uncomfortable over time.

Blackheads, which usually occur on the nose, chin, forehead and cheeks, can gradually increase and become widespread in the part where they occur if they are not cleaned in certain time intervals.

Why Blackhead Occurs?

Especially during puberty, as a result of the increase in the amount and width of the sebaceous glands in the lower layer of the skin, more oil secretion than normal in the skin causes black spots. If the skin is not cleaned enough, blackheads may become widespread and even cause cystic acne. In addition to cleaning habits, it is also necessary to pay attention to eating habits; because bad eating habits and stress can also increase blackheads.

In addition to natural factors, hormonal changes, nutritional habits, not paying attention to the cleanliness of the skin at any age or choosing products that are not compatible with the skin can cause many skin problems, especially blackheads and acne.

How to Clean Blackhead?

Trying to clean blackheads, which are both visually unpleasant and bring along various skin problems, by squeezing them at home in non-sterile conditions can lead to irreversible deformations in the skin tissue. If the skin needs to be cleaned, it must be performed by specialists in a clinical setting.

How to Prevent Blackhead Formation?

Of course, you don’t want the blackheads that you got rid of with dermatologist treatment and medical skin care to come back. For this reason, in order to prevent black spots from recurring, have your dermatologist check-ups and take care to have your skin care regularly.

Even if you do not have make-up on your face, you should not sleep without cleaning your face.

In addition; You can contribute to the prevention of blackheads by using skin care products that deeply clean the pores and are compatible with your skin structure. At the same time, in order not to be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, non-comedogenic sunscreens that do not cause blackhead formation will be your supporter in the fight against blackheads to protect your skin, including the winter months.