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Biodermogenesis crack treatment

Until today, treatments for micro-damage to the skin and recovery of the skin have always been applied in crack problems. Such methods are still available and can only treat the appearance of the crack at a rate of 15-25%. However, cracks are not only problems on the outer surface of the skin. Although the most important reason for the formation of stretch marks is hormonal changes, mechanical effects such as gravity, weight gain and loss also cause them to deepen and grow. Recent studies have proven that cracks are actually atrophic in nature. Atrophy is the shrinkage of cells when they cannot be fed, that is, tissue loss. This causes the cracked areas to be more collapsed than the healthy areas of the skin. If you pay attention, when you touch the crack, your finger will enter slightly. As a result, if there is a problem on the basis of cells, treatments for peeling from the surface can be beneficial to a certain extent. Another important point is that the cracks on the skin cannot be colored or tanned. Peeling treatments and applications with micro-damage to the skin do not adequately treat the crack, but also do not contribute to the coloring and tanning of the skin. This does not help people who are psychologically disturbed by their cracks in their daily life.

Biodermogenesi® treatment was developed for the first time as a system that treats cracks without damaging the skin, after 14 years of studies and research. With this system produced in Italy, cracks can be healed by 85% on average. This figure should not be misunderstood when we say 85%, there is absolutely no failure like 15%. This figure is related to the filling of the crack. In other words, there is definitely healing in every crack.

In the treatment of biodermogenesis, sodium and potassium, which are the nutrients required by the cell, are pumped with biocompatible magnetic field therapy. While the sodium and potassium pumped into the cell with the positive current provide the nutrients needed by the cell, the negative current removes the toxins in the cell.
out and detoxification (toxin removal) takes place. Thus, the cell receives the necessary nutrients and returns to its normal level, and as the treatment progresses, the cracks begin to gain color. The treatment has no side effects. With a fully biocompatible magnetic field
However, some specific amino acid-based serums are fed to the skin, allowing you to get rid of stretch marks without feeling any pain and without restricting your life standards. In other words, you can go to sports while the treatment continues, take care of yourself.
You can go out in the sun, go to the solarium, tan your cracks and bring them to the same color and tan level as your healthy skin.

The most important feature that distinguishes the Biodermogenesis method from other treatments is to ensure the biological regeneration of tissues without damaging them, and as a result, to renew the tissues themselves. This method is used for abnormal metabolic metabolic processes in the skin.
normalizes the activities, triggers normalization by increasing cellular activities in the support tissue and upper skin. Thus, natural collagen and elastic tissue increase is ensured, as well as color-producing cells in the upper skin regain their normal color-producing ability.

In general, the Biodermogenesi method is applied with 10-12 sessions for cracks up to 10 years old, while it is applied with a 20-session treatment program for cracks that are 10 years or more. Sessions are applied as a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 per week, and other sessions cannot be performed in less than 48 hours. This method is also successfully applied in the treatment of face and neck sagging and wrinkles, arm and leg sagging, chest and hip lifts.

Biodermogenesi method is used in patients with cardiac pacemaker, in patients with heart failure, in cancer treatment made or ongoing in the last five years, in patients with sensitivity / sensitivity disorders in the area to be treated, in epilepsy, in case of inflammation in the area to be treated, varicose veins.
It cannot be applied in areas with severe renal insufficiency, in patients with ongoing anorexia or bulimia in the last two years, in pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding. In the changes in thyroid functions, the use or change of birth control pills recently, the onset of acne events, the onset of hypertrichosis, the irregularities in the menstrual cycle, the frequent weight gain and loss, the use of hormone-regulating drugs, the use of cortisone-based drugs, the use of insulin-containing drugs. It can be applied after 6 months. In addition, the treatment of another desired area in the treatment of cracks can only be done 4-6 months after the treatment of the first area is completed.