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Beware of wrong practices at home

Applications made at home can have positive effects on the skin, as well as cause some negative effects. Although herbal ingredients are the basis of the products used, the most important point is to know the skin. Although herbal ingredients are the basis of the products we use, certain mixtures can be made from these products. While the skin needs moisture, the person can dry the skin more with the masks he makes at home. We have many patients who dry their skin and experience a reaction on it and apply to us. I am not saying that we should never use such mixtures, but we need to know the skin.”

“Care should be done according to the skin type”

Stating that people who know the skin type can make applications in that direction, Dr. Yelda Bice, applications to be made at home should be done in consultation with specialist physicians. By making skin type distinctions, “Our skin has classical distinctions such as oily, mixed and dry. In addition, there are skins that are oily on one side and dry and flaky on the other. At this point we will use slightly more sensitive products. If we use oily skin cleansing products, we can dry it more. It may work in oiled areas, but you may see more reactions in the remaining areas. It is very important to choose the right products by consulting a doctor.”

Beware of peelings made at home!

Wrong peeling applications made at home also cause problems on the skin. Reiterating that the products recommended by specialist physicians would be more appropriate, “The products offered after the analysis; it makes the skin go more stable without increasing the problem. Another topic is; that we should use home peelings for skin cleaning. At this point, we should not prefer products that contain hard particles. We have a pore problem. We want our pores to be cleaned well, but with peeling, we scratch the skin on the one hand and enlarge the pores. We do more harm while trying to benefit. At least, let’s not use such products in the routine. These methods cause more damage to the skin.