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Focused Ultrasound energy – non-surgical skin lift with HIFU

It is an application made by transmitting focused sound waves to the deepest layer of the skin, which no device has been able to reach until now, with the help of heads and ultrasound gel, similar to the heads used during ultrasonic imaging. With the energy created by these sound waves, collagen production is triggered in the subcutaneous tissues without any damage to the skin surface.
How Does It Affect?
Without causing any damage to the skin surface, sound waves are concentrated in the lower layers of the skin, subcutaneous fat and the membranous muscle layer called SMAS, and point heat damage is obtained. With the resulting heat damage, the skin’s own repair process begins. Tightening in SMAS, slimming effect in adipose tissue, and restructuring collagen layer in the skin, tightening and tightening are achieved.
In Which Regions Is This Application Made?
It is used in the treatment of cheek sagging and facial oval recovery, correction of sagging under the chin, lifting low eyebrows, relaxation and wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area.
What Are the Expected Changes After Implementation?
Even if a change starts immediately after the application, the final changes will appear within 90 days. In the applications for eyebrow lifting, the improvement that starts immediately after the application has a positive effect on the loose, sagging skin around the eyes to become more tense.
Is the application painful?
Usually, a very mild pain can be felt in the deep tissue. It is applied without any numbing. Normally, the patient may feel a slight heat and stinging after the treatment.
How many sessions are required?
Satisfactory results are observed after a single session. But with a session to be repeated after 1-2 months, further results can be obtained.
Is it a reliable application?
Ultrasound energy is a method that has been used for about 40 years for both diagnosis and treatment. It is a reliable treatment method that did not cause any negative changes in the tissues during this process.