Awt (acoustic wave therapy)

Cellulite is a problem that does not disappear completely, although there are several treatment methods for a long time. However, the Acoustic Wave Therapy method, which is a very new system (AWT), has become the most popular application among the methods of cellulite removal with its proven success in the treatment of cellulite in the world. It acts on the pits in the lower dermis with the shocks of strong sound waves without using any chemical substance, laser, vacuum or any other technique. AWT, which treats cellulite, thus corrects all the factors that cause cellulite by passing the sound waves through the skin and fat.

Acoustic Wave Therapy provides full tissue control with powerful mechanical energy waves up to 6-10 cm depths. It reveals metabolic and healing properties by utilizing the mechanical power of shock waves in the problematic tissue.

Acoustic Wave Therapy, the first application in the world with the American singer Madonna, has been scientifically accepted by holding congresses on the effective and successful results in cellulite treatment.

Why Does the Body Cause Cellulite?

laxity in the skin,

Excessive swelling in the adipose tissue on the surface,

Excessive tension in the bonds between adipose tissue and skin,

Excessive fluid accumulation due to slowing blood and lymph flow in hardened connective tissues,

If cellulite is not treated, the above factors affect each other and cause the problem to progress further.

Acoustic Wave Therapy What Is The Result Of Shock Waves?

The elasticity of the area where the cellulite is located increases and becomes tighter,

fibrous bands; dissolves leaving the skin and cellulite is removed,

As the permeability of the cell membrane increases in fat cells, intracellular fats are released and the volume in the adipose tissue is reduced,

Blood and lymphatic circulation is strengthened and regulated,

Muscle condition increases with biomechanical stimulation in the muscles,

It helps to lose weight by increasing the metabolic rate.

Who Cannot Be Applied to Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Those with severe liver and kidney failure,

In those with pregnancy and lactation,

If there is phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis in the leg,

If you have inflammation in the area to be treated,

If a surgical operation was performed for the problem of varicose veins on the legs,

Those with serious cardiovascular diseases,

Those who have untreated bleeding disorders or who have to take blood thinners,

In those with advanced diabetes.

What Should Be Considered in Acoustic Wave Therapy?

On the day of treatment, 4 liters of water will be drunk on the intervening days,

20 minutes of walking every day,

Blood thinners will not be used.

Acoustic Wave Therapy Application

Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT is a safe, painless and comfortable treatment method. A momentary intense pressure and vibration is felt in the cellulite area to be treated. The application takes approximately 15-45 minutes. in progress. Your daily life will not be affected by this treatment, which can be applied in the afternoon. With skin tightening and fat tissue loss, 5-12% thinning can be seen in the area without the need for diet. It begins to show itself within 1-2 months, depending on the regeneration process of the tissues.