Areas where botox is used other than wrinkle relaxation

Areas Where Botox is Used Except for Wrinkle Loosening

Botox is a type of protein used to soften wrinkles caused by mimics. FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approval is available for glabellar lines. Its use for forehead mimic lines and crow’s feet are known applications of botox. Botox has many medical and cosmetic uses apart from these. It is the advantage of botox that it does not have an effect, and that the person’s complaints return to their former state after the effect period has passed.

1.Gummy smile…The appearance of the gums while smiling depends on the strength of the upper lip muscles. The upper lip lifting muscles can be relaxed with Botox. The application takes 5 minutes. A more natural appearance is obtained in patients with a short distance between the nose root and the upper lip.
2. Lifting the tip of the nose… The muscle activity that pulls the nose down can be weakened by botox. Thus, the tip of the nose can be lifted up with botox and a natural aesthetic appearance is obtained.
3. Eyebrow and Eyelid Lifting … Special and small botox injections to the muscles surrounding the eye provide rapid eyebrow and eyelid lifting.
4. Softening the cigarette lines… Mini botox touches on the lip soften the lines on the upper lip.
5. Mona Lisa Smile… In the corners of the lips, depending on the activity of the muscles and gravity, there are sagging downwards that make the person unhappy. With the injections to the corners of the lips, a smiling expression can be given to the lips.
6. Teeth grinding… Due to stress, the jaw muscles may contract involuntarily while asleep. With this excessive contraction, the problem of teeth grinding occurs. This muscle can be relaxed with botox and the problem disappears. It is a medical aesthetic application.
7. Softening the jaw line… The strong chin muscles, especially in women, create an angular and masculine appearance in the chin. Here, with special injections to this muscle, the chin can be made into a V shape and a more attractive appearance can be achieved.
8. Excessive sweating of armpits, hands and feet… This application area has been approved by FDA. Multiple, small injections to be made into the skin; It temporarily stops sweating for a period of 4 -6 months. It acts by interrupting the communication between Botox sweat glands and the nerve endings that operate them.
9. Hair loss and thinning of hair… With Botox, the muscles in the scalp are loosened superficially, and the contraction of the thin vessel walls is reduced. Thus, the micro-level blood circulation increases and the oxygenation of the environment increases. The hair follicles are more nourished and strengthened with the increased blood circulation. It reduces the level of DHT hormone, which increases the response to testosterone in the scalp.
10. Facial and scalp sweating, which increases with menopause, is one of the other uses of botox. It is a medical aesthetic application.
11. Softening the neck and décolleté lines… Special botox injections to the neck and décolleté can make the neck skin aesthetically smooth.
12. Helping acne treatment… Injection of Botox into the skin with superficial and tiny doses; It reduces sebum production without preventing facial expressions. Reducing oil secretion in acne-prone skin reduces inflammation and bacterial growth. It is an application that helps medical treatment in people who do not want to use Roaccutane.
13. Rosacea, that is, the laughing disease as it is known among the people. In laughing patients with red rash attacks, superficial injections of botox to the face cut the attacks. The redness of the face decreases, inflammation decreases with the decrease of oil secretion. It is a medical aesthetic application.
14. Decrease in symptoms of depression… Depression symptoms decreased by 47.1% in depressed people who had botox for facial expression lines. It is a medical aesthetic application.