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Alas, my hair is falling out again!!!

Hair loss is a big problem for both men and women. Even in childhood, many patients come to me with the problem of hair loss. As a dermatologist, my priority is always to find the cause of hair loss. Because hair is structures that can tell us some problems related to blood or hormonal balance in the early period.

When do we accept it as a disease in a person who comes with hair loss?

If it started suddenly and outside of seasonal transition periods.

If more than 75 strands of hair are falling every day

If the woman has menstrual irregularity, hair growth such as beard and mustache and acne

If accompanied by weight loss or weight gain, excessive sweating, fatigue

If it has been going on for more than a month, the examination should be done immediately.

After detecting these clinical findings in my patients, if necessary, I look at the general blood count, thyroid tests, and vitamin and mineral levels according to my examination findings.

I often catch diseases that come with hair loss, anemia, and hormonal conditions such as thyroid or diabetes.

It is very valuable to make an early diagnosis in the initial period. Therefore, if there are complaints I mentioned, it is necessary to go to the doctor without wasting time. At this stage, vegetable oils, especially cosmetic shampoos or care lotions bought for a lot of money, are nothing but a waste of time.

In the tests carried out no problem Herbal and soft shampoos recommended by the doctor, if necessary, care oils and sometimes herbal extract tablets can be used. It is therapeutic. However, the most important issue at least 3 monthsTo continue patiently.

Since genetic predisposition is at the forefront in male pattern hair loss, the treatment given by the doctor can be continued for many years. The treatment of this issue will be explained in a separate topic.

As a dermatologist, my advice to people with hair loss is to rule out the disease first, and then to continue the treatment for at least 3 months. However, my approach would be to give vitamin mineral injections to the scalp for people who want a faster response or who do not want to use rubbing drugs. This process is mesotherapy. In some cases, I also apply PRP with stem cells taken from the person’s own blood.

Wishing you healthy days…