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Acne (teenage acne)

erge Acne, which is the unwanted guest of the adolescent period, can be quite annoying both visually and psychologically for young people who are at the stage of gaining personality and identity.

In fact, acne occurs as a natural and physiological result of hormonal changes in our body. The most important factor that initiates acne is that androgenic hormones, the secretion of which increases during adolescence, stimulates the hair follicle-sebaceous gland structures called the “pilosebaceous component”. Process; It can often result in the skin’s adaptation to hormonal changes after a while, and sometimes it can be problematic enough to require systemic drug treatment.

Intense or wrong make-up applications, hormonal imbalances (polycystic ovary syndrome, etc.), drugs used (cortisone, birth control pills) can cause acne not only in adolescence, but also in adulthood. In the treatment of acne, it is extremely important for the patient to be patient, not to expect results within a few weeks, and to use their medications regularly and carefully.