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Acne scars can be treated in summer

Acne scars are a skin problem that can occur especially after acne in adolescence and, if not prevented, can distort our cosmetic appearance when we reach adulthood. In fact, most of the acnes do not leave a trace. People can have acne scars by playing with their acne, not using the right treatments or not being treated on time.

There are various types of acne scars. Acne scars can be classified as superficial or deep. In superficial acne scars, the image is more like reddish, pink scars. An image appears as if acne cannot be healed. What is actually visible is the surface residue of acne. This type of scars are very common in young people and sometimes in adults. Sometimes this image is mistaken for active acne and acne treatment is continued. However, it is not active acne that appears. In such cases, it is beneficial to start scar treatment before it is too late.

There are also many types of deep acne scars. Some scars appear as large holes from the outside and continue by sharpening deep into the skin. These types of scars are very difficult to treat. A second type of scar is the scars that appear quite wide from the outside and continue by curling into the depths of the skin. It is very difficult for a person to look in the mirror and understand what type of scar they have. The types of these scars are usually determined as a result of dermatology examination.

Apart from these, sometimes in people who play a lot with their active acne, acne gets better, but brown spots remain in their places. This is actually not a typical acne scar, but as a result, it is a post-acne blemish. In such patients, spotting should be treated first.

In the treatment of acne scars, first of all, the patient undergoes a detailed dermatological examination. Because a person can have many kinds of scars at the same time. Many factors should be evaluated before scar treatment is performed:

What type of acne scar does the person have?

What is the person’s skin color?

Are there any drugs used?

In which season will the treatment be done?

Have you ever been treated before?

After evaluating all these factors, treatment options can be started.

First of all, if the patient has active acne, it is treated. If acne has been played with and brown spots remain, spot treatment is performed. After these, scar treatment can be started.

Winter treatments:

Many treatment options can be used easily in the winter season. The first option is laser therapy. In laser treatment, it is planned to renew the skin with an ablative laser method such as carbon dioxide fractional laser. If the scars are too deep or too wide, a few sessions of radiofrequency treatment are performed first and then laser treatment is started in order to increase the success rate of laser treatment. Since laser treatment is performed by means of laser beams, it is necessary to be well protected from the sun. Therefore, this treatment is often done in the winter season.

Chemical peeling treatment is preferred for relatively more superficial scars. Since certain amounts of regeneration are made in the top layer of the skin in the chemical peeling treatment, it is necessary to be protected from the sun very well.

Treatments that can be done in the summer season:

Dermapen or dermaroller treatment is a treatment method that has a very high success rate in acne scars and can be continued with sunscreens, since no rays like lasers are used. In Dermapen treatment, microchannels are opened in the skin and regeneration is provided in the connective tissue and skin surface. In addition, personalized serums are used during the treatment process. These serums act by absorbing 200 times more than when applied to normal skin through microchannels.

PRP treatment is an indirect stem cell treatment performed by taking the person’s own blood. This treatment, which alone provides a certain amount of success in acne scars, increases the success rate when combined with other treatment methods.

Acne scar treatment with dermapen and PRP combination can be applied successfully in summer. However, when we say that these treatments can be done in summer, it should not mean that you should go out to the sun’s rays without protection. During these treatments, sunscreen creams should be used as recommended by the doctor.

Acne scarring is a very common skin problem that makes people unhappy. However, thanks to the acne scar treatment methods used today, it is possible to have a much better-looking skin.