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Acne and its treatments

Acne; It is an inflammatory disease of the hair-fat unit, which tends to settle primarily on the face, back, arms and hips.

How Does Acne Show Itself?

The classic type of “acne vulgaris” with redness and inflammation.

A type of “comedonal acne” in the form of black and skin-colored spots only.

The “nodulo-cystic” type characterized by tenderness and tenderness under the skin.


Before starting acne treatment, whether the patient has a systemic disease, hormonal problems, drug use is questioned and tests are done. According to the identified problem, priority is the treatment for the underlying problem, if there is no problem; With appropriate and long-term treatment and follow-up, success is assured in every patient.

Mild acnerSuccess can be achieved with washing with suitable cleansers, skin care, peeling and only local treatments. Secondary In the case of inflamed pimples, which we call, accompanying the event; skin care, cleansers, peelings, oral acne medications and local creams are recommended.
severe acne called; In the type with both inflammatory and cystic lesions, oral vitamin A acid tablets, creams, skin care, cleansers, peelings, laser treatments, Plexr treatment can be performed.

How are acne scars formed and what is done in the treatment?

Acne scars are usually severe in those who have severe acne and remain untreated, and those who constantly bump their acne, as a result of the deepening of the infection and causing damage, and sometimes despite the treatment, scars may remain. In treatment; If acne and scar are together, both acne and scar treatment can be started together.
The main treatments used in the treatment of acne scars are;


Dermatherapy (dermaroller).

Fractional lasers.

Spot lasers (for post-acne spots).


These treatments can be combined among themselves according to the patient. The treatment should be carried out by a dermatologist and the physician’s warnings should be followed.