Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands in the skin. It is an acne-prone skin disease seen on the face, chest and back during adolescence. Generally, during puberty, the sebaceous gland secretes a more intense oil with a hormonal effect, and the channel that provides the passage to the surface is blocked due to this condensed oil mass. The main cause of acne is this blockage. When the uppermost part of the fat mass encounters oxygen, blackheads (comedones) form.

No matter how much we clean our skin, there are many bacteria. These bacteria enter the clogged channels of the sebaceous glands and cause an inflammation in the clogged sebaceous gland, and this stage is called the active acne stage. Usually the percentage; Sometimes it can be seen on the chest and back. Other causes of acne:
Genetic factors (inherited large pores on the skin and large sebaceous/sebaceous glands), stress, some drug treatments, use of some cosmetics

Why should acne be treated?

The main goal of treatment is to prevent scarring. If the doctor is checked in the early period, the possibility of the formation of scars and the spread of acne will be significantly reduced. These scars need to be treated because they will cause an unpleasant appearance in the future and sometimes cause serious psychological problems.

What are the types of acne?

– non-inflammatory :
open comedones (blackheads).
.closed comedones (white fat buttons)
.non-inflammatory cyst

– those with inflammation:
.papule (red, raised bumps)
.pustule (purulent, raised bumps)
.inflamed cyst (deep, red, painful bumps)

How should acne treatment be done?

Whether acne is mild or serious, it should be treated in a controlled and safe manner in line with the information your doctor will give you.

Treatment may also include medications that can clear up acne. Depending on the level of acne, superficial drugs (directly applied to the skin surface) or systemic drugs (oral drugs) are prescribed by the physician. In some cases, both superficial and systemic drugs can be administered together.