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About lip fillers

Lip Filling is a procedure preferred by people who want their lips to be thicker and fuller. The biggest difference between it and face filling is that the hyaluronic acid used for lip filling is specially formulated for the lip structure. Fillers used for other parts of our face cannot provide the desired effect on the lip structure.

The substance used for Lip Filling is the form of hyaluronic acid, which is the substance that our body produces to do this job, specially produced for the lips. After hyaluronic acid is injected into the lip tissue, it combines with the hyaluronic acid produced by the body and helps to achieve the desired result in the application area. After lip augmentation, Hyaluronic Acid absorbs some of the water in our body and acts as a cushion in the application area, providing a fullness. Thanks to this cushioning task, the application area is pushed upwards, making the lips more defined and helping us to have fuller lips. Hyaluronic acid is excreted from our body in small pieces over time and the application area returns to its previous state in the process.

Lip augmentation is preferred by people who are applied for several different reasons. It is possible to list the reasons as obtaining a thicker and fuller appearance, giving volume to thin lips and clarifying the lip line, reducing the prominence of the aging effect and eliminating an existing asymmetrical appearance. Before the application of lip augmentation, local anesthetic cream is applied to the application areas to minimize the pain that the person to be treated will feel. After the application, you can continue your daily life. A slight swelling or bruising may be observed in the application areas, these are temporary conditions. It is important to note that lip augmentation should be performed by a specialist doctor, in terms of both the success of the application and the avoidance of unwanted side effects.