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About facial mesotherapy

Facial mesotherapy is the process of increasing the flexibility and vitality of the skin by enriching the skin in terms of vitamins, proteins and minerals against aging and the effects of time. Our skin becomes dull and lifeless with time and the effects of life. The skin, which has lost its old elasticity, needs to be reinforced from the outside in order to regain its youthful form.

Amino acids, vitamins and minerals given under the skin in the form of tiny injections rejuvenate your skin by giving the skin the shine it needs. The skin, which regains its elasticity, looks much brighter, lively and younger. It creates a great skin care effect. Mesotherapy, in the category of non-surgical skin applications, is a form of treatment that supports your skin aesthetics without going under the knife.

What are the substances used in facial mesotherapy application?

hyaluronic acid

Copper DMAE (Dimethyl Amino Ethanol)

hyaluronic acid

Lidocaine Magnesium

Selenium Silica

Vitamin A

Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6

Vitamin C


Amino acids (Proteins)

nucleic acids

Alpha lipoic acid

Substances such as glutathione are mixed and applied under the skin in beaker quantities and in appropriate sizes.

Skin deterioration and discoloration, especially in smokers, are reversed with facial mesotherapy. It can be combined with other treatments, such as spot treatment, acne treatment and similar skin aesthetic applications.

Much more effective and clear results are obtained in skin aesthetic combined applications. In addition to PRP, laser applications, peeling and similar therapeutic applications, we recommend that you heed the recommendations of your dermatologist.

The risk of side effects of facial mesotherapy is very low. However, it would be much more appropriate to perform applications such as mesotherapy in a hospital setting. Remember that possible complications can be ruled out by a specialist physician.

We do not recommend the use of facial mesotherapy to pregnant mothers, lactating people, and people with active skin lesions or diseases in the area where mesotherapy will be applied. Apart from this, facial mesotherapy can be applied extremely safely.

There is no need to be afraid of people who are shy about needles. Because it is not a very painful application. However, local anesthetic ointment can be applied before the application to ensure ease of application.

Facial mesotherapy is not just an application for women. It is possible to remove time-related skin aging in male patients with facial mesotherapy. More and more male patients are applying to our clinic for aesthetic applications day by day. Mesotherapy application is important not only for your skin aesthetics, skin care and beauty, but also for your skin health.

Do not forget that all applications must be done under the control of your dermatologist, dermatologist.