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A dermatologist’s emotional guide

Could you briefly tell us about dermatocosmetology?

What can we change when we repair the scars of years on our face? A new era has begun in which I challenged the aging processes of patients with minimally invasive procedures, which I turned to dermatocosmetology after dermatology. All non-surgical interventions applied to the skin are called dermatocosmetology. Often neurotoxin and PRP applications, hyaluronic acid injections, laser skin rejuvenation applications, micro needling methods, radiofrequency, focused ultrasonic wave technologies, antioxidant and vitamin applications called mesotherapy are famous in this group. So I created a professional process for myself that combines these methods with a holistic approach to meet the needs of my patients.

What are the current developments in the method you use?

Over the years hyaluronic acid formulations have evolved, and even finer formulations have been found. I spend my life discovering new technologies that will bring the leather quality back 7-10 years in congresses and publications. As a result of these practices, I had emotional experiences that left a mark in my life. For example, many burn scars that are said to be incurable can heal, and when the patient continues his life with a burn scar that he can hide much more easily, he can take the first steps to many dreams that he had not dared until then. The process in which I treat and follow up on this patient group is when I feel the most beneficial as a dermatologist, or a person who is obsessed with his chin, which he finds small for his face, can be much more confident when his face is brought to the right proportions. With that self-confidence, she can decide to enter the university exam and shape her future.

As you mentioned above, these changes also have emotional repercussions for you. Can you share the stories that impressed you the most?

Of course… A patient of mine who was born with a cleft lip and palate decided to become a dentist years later as his scar became less visible with laser. I remember crying with him that day. A female patient of mine described how a man she met humiliated her because of a large dimple on her face. We filled the hole with a filling in ten minutes, she said that she took revenge for her experience. It is full of such exemplary stories like this that I dedicate myself to the scars that are said to be unbearable in my polyclinic life, as I see the lives I can change…

Do your patients or as a specialist have hesitations in these changes?

The biggest hesitation in changes is the fear that there will be a big change in our factory settings and we will become alienated from ourselves. However, they don’t know that my biggest fear as a dermatologist is to change the person that their mother cannot recognize. I don’t want to take any mother’s shank. My second biggest fear is about the preservation of their prestige because they dare to make such a change and want to challenge the damage that years have done to them. Especially the alienation of women from other loved ones around them. I don’t want them to be disappointed with this bold decision they’ve made. For this reason, I attach great importance to taking small steps in every application I make.

In this process, what kind of situations did you have the opportunity to observe in your patients?

I believe that when a person gets old by replacing what time has taken from himself, he almost feels like he has stopped time. This feeling creates a strong doping effect. Staying thin also brings a similar youthful effect to one. Seeing himself in front of the mirror more fit, more physically strong, well-groomed, fit and attentive than he was at the university gives him another chance to live the years he does not appreciate. It is an addictive feeling. The person who experiences this without alienating himself does not want to regress again. In fact, he always remains in search and struggle to be better in his form. In my clinic, I have a patient/client characteristic who is self-confident, extraordinary, game-changing, and has an assertive stance in life compared to his/her environment. For example, he wants me to deal with the neck area, which provides the structure he wants on his face. There comes a day when the wornness of their hands stings in their eyes and they go in search of improvement for that region. Then, taking precautions against wrinkles in the knees, loose skin in the buttocks, loss of vitality of the groin, and shriveling of the abdominal skin become their new target.

What is the most important thing to pay attention to in the method you use?

As a result, the point that humanity has reached with technologies has reached a level that will provide more radical changes. Of course, this process is an expensive process for both the doctor and the patient. It is of great importance that the equipment used on this journey is safe. It is necessary to jointly keep this quality at the end of its cost. In technologies that will be a part of the body, interact molecularly, programmatically damage and repair, and are configured with a controlled mechanism, escaping cheaply is the biggest mistake that can be made. The frightening results are experienced and will be experienced as a result of resorting to oriental cunning in these elections. You should consider yourself worthy of the best quality of everything.

I salute my time-defying, lively, courageous patients…