You are currently viewing 8 items that people who want to have Botox should know

8 items that people who want to have Botox should know

1. Is Botox a suitable solution for you? If you are a woman or a man who have wrinkles due to mimic movements or are just starting to form, botox offers you a suitable solution. Wrinkles that make you look at least 10 years older due to mimic movements are most common around the eyes, forehead and middle of the eyebrows. Of course, there are a few situations where botox cannot be done, you can find answers to these in the following questions.

2. Choose a Good Doctor and Be Sincere With Your Doctor Botox is basically an injection into the mimic muscles. Therefore, the procedure should be performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who knows the facial mimic muscles and facial anatomy well. Experience is important for the ideal result in terms of individual differences in mimic muscles and maximum efficiency. Ask your doctor about the Botox procedure until you are satisfied with all the problems in your mind and it will be very good for you to exchange ideas about your wait.

3. Investigate the Materials Used The Ministry of Health has licensed and approved the importation of two botox drugs to be used in our country. These are the “Botox” and “Dysport” drugs that give the product its name. Therefore, the cost of botox treatment does not differ much between reliable centers. If you encounter a cheap botox price, you should be careful whether the drug is of Chinese origin or not.

4. More Botox Is Not Better. Don’t Have a Face Like a Mask. When Botox is made in the dosage suitable for you, a dull and mimic-free expression does not occur. However, when the dose adjustment is not made for you, and especially if you apply more than enough botox to the vertical facial line, a dull expression may occur on your face.

5. If You Give Up Botox Applications, Your Wrinkles Will Not Get Worse. This is a misconception. When Botox applications are stopped, you will only return to your old state. The reason for this thought is that as you get used to the younger look of your face, you may get the impression that it looks worse than before when the effect of botox disappears. Moreover, regular use of botox slows down the formation of wrinkles.

6. Botox Is Not Suitable For Everyone Botox is a very safe application. It is refrained from doing it only in very rare cases. These are pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with neurological disorders.

7. You Can Use Botox for Different Purposes Apart from Beauty One of the increasingly common uses of Botox is sweating treatment. As a result of botox injections in the armpit area, sweating stops for 6 months. Apart from these, migraine and some chronic pains are also used.

8. Botox Doesn’t Hurt Your Budget. Botox injection fees, which you can get the result you want, are between 400-600 TL and the effect of the treatment lasts for 4 to 6 months. Botox is a very affordable application when compared with the creams of very reliable brands sold in the market in terms of price and effectiveness. With a budget of around 100 TL per month, you can significantly reduce the wearing effect of years on you.