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5 reasons why Botox is preferred so often

More than 23 million cosmetic and surgical procedures were performed worldwide in 2013. Among them, botox has become the most preferred application in the field of aesthetics with more than 5 million operations. So what are the factors that make botox so popular?

1. Clinically proven effect Botox’s effect on smoothing lines and wrinkles was approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) in 1989. Successful application of this form of treatment on millions of patients every year leads to an increase in the belief and interest in treatment. On the other hand, the fact that many famous names such as Demi Moore, Madonna, Carla Bruni, Katie Price, Lindsay Lohan, Mag Ryan, Vanessa Williams benefit from botox treatment creates a positive impression in the international public.

2. Being a Fast Applied Treatment Method & Saving Time. Long working hours, traffic etc. For many reasons, time management has become more important than in previous years. The increasing pace in life has also changed consumption habits and the new customer wants to reach good service faster than before. Botox provides a perfect time saver for people who want to beautify at this point. While Botox starts to show its effect after 24-48 hours, the desired result is achieved after 7-10 days. In addition, the completion of the botox process in a short time like 10-15 minutes provides a great convenience to us who have an intense tempo.

3. Being Affordable While the prices of Botox treatment vary between 400-600 TL, the effect of the treatment remains for 4 to 6 months. When compared with the dermo-cosmetic creams of very reliable brands sold in the market in terms of price and effectiveness, botox continues to lead by far. On the other hand, it provides a great advantage over plastic surgery procedures, especially in terms of price.

4. Rejuvenating Feature A person who has Botox generally looks 10 years younger than he is and provides a visible improvement in his physical appearance. In addition, contrary to the general belief in the society, botox treatment does not leave a dull and mimicked expression on your face as long as it is performed in reliable institutions such as DK Clinic. At this point, it is critical for the specialist performing the procedure to determine the dose of botox to be injected, taking into account the amount of muscle in your face. Regular application of botox not only eliminates existing wrinkles, but also reduces the rate of formation of new wrinkles. On the other hand, many recent studies have proven that botox has a curative effect for migraine as well as providing an aesthetic appearance.

5. After the treatment, you can continue your life from where you left off. Unlike plastic surgery operations, you can continue your business life and daily life in the same way right after you have botox.