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10 golden tips for healthy lips

Lips are the sexiest, most striking, healthy-looking area on the person’s face. With age, the lips become dry, lose their volume, the corners go down with the effect of gravity, and fine wrinkles form around them. It is possible to delay them, healthy lip appearance with good care. What can be done?

1. Lip balms and lips should be moisturized regularly. Why? There are no sweat glands on the lips, so they naturally tend to dry out. If the lips are left dry for a long time, they will both have an unhealthy bad appearance, and may darken, pigmented areas may occur. For moist, healthy-looking lips Carry lip balm with you and repeat it as often as possible. It should not be overlooked that petroleum-containing products may have long-term carcinogenic effects. Products containing beeswax, almond oil, vitamin E, containing glycerin, petroleum-free and paraben-free products should be preferred, even at low levels. Chronic exposure causes rapid aging on the lips. It facilitates the formation of wrinkles around the lip. Since the sun can be carcinogenic, the content of lip balm should definitely contain sunscreen. For this, plenty of liquid, especially water should be consumed. For this reason, lip moisturizers should be used very often for aesthetic, healthy, moist, smooth lips.

2. It is recommended to exfoliate once a week. Even a toothbrush can be used while exfoliating. Thus, dead skins are removed from the environment and live skin emerges from below. Lip skin thus renews itself better.

3. Avoid smoking. Nicotine accelerates aging by causing oxidative stress. It accelerates the formation of wrinkles around the lips with its mechanical effect. It can also create dark spots on the lips. Smoking should be avoided for aesthetic, beautiful and healthy lips.

4. The consumption of tea and coffee should be limited. Caffeine and theophylline in their content can cause darkening of the lips.

5. Lipstick that does not contain excessive chemicals should be used. Products containing medical jojoba, shea butter, pomegranate extract should be preferred. One should not sleep without wiping the lipstick. Avoid products with an expired date. Oily and moisturizing lipsticks should be preferred.

6. Do not stay in pools with high chlorine content for a long time. Chlorine may cause darkening in color.

7. Nutrition should be considered. A diet enriched with vitamins is recommended. Plenty of fruit should be consumed. A diet rich in Vitamin C prevents dark colors that may occur.

8. Lips should not be bitten, lip skin should not be plucked. Lips should not be traumatized for a moist and smooth cosmetic appearance.

9. Mechanical activities that will break the lip edges, such as pipetting and smoking, should be avoided.

10. Finally… Smile a lot, smooth the wrinkles around the lips!