Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands in the skin. It is an acne-prone skin disease seen on the face, chest and back during adolescence. Generally, during puberty, the sebaceous gland secretes a more intense oil with a hormonal effect, and the channel that provides the passage to the surface is blocked due to this condensed oil mass. The main cause of acne is this blockage. When the uppermost part of the fat mass encounters oxygen, blackheads (comedones) form.

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What is aging? Is there any treatment?

What can be done against signs of aging? This process can be delayed with personalized controlled approaches! Having a natural and proportional appearance is as important as looking beautiful, young and healthy. Skin rejuvenation with Mesotherapy Laser: Fractional CO2 laser Radiofrequency - High Intensity Focus ultrasound with or without gold needle (HIFU) Autologous fat injections Filler applications Platelet-rich Plasma injections (PRP) Botulinum injection Face lift with thread Chemical peeling Each treatment depends on the person's health status, age, It should be planned individually according to the drugs used.

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