In Which Situations Are Zirconium Teeth Used?
They are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. It is used for permanent discoloration in the teeth, correction of the old deformed filled teeth, in cases where orthodontic treatments cannot be performed, in the correction of crooked teeth, in closing the interdental spaces (diastema), as a bridge coating in the back region, and to arrange an aesthetic smile on the upper structures of the implants made in the anterior region.

Does Zirconium Teeth Cause Allergy or Bad Breath?
It does not cause any allergies or odors as it does not contain metals.

Does Zirconium Have Color Change in Teeth?
Since it does not have a rough structure, there will be no plaque accumulation like normal teeth, so there will be no coloration in coloring ingredients such as tea / coffee / cigarettes.

How is the Care of Zirconium Teeth?
It is maintained by brushing and flossing in the same way as real teeth. Superfloss floss is applied in edentulous areas. Routine doctor checks should be continued every 6 months.

How Are Zirconium Teeth Applied?
After your panoramic x-ray and intraoral examination, your detailed planning is done. The teeth to be covered with zirconium are made suitable by shrinking them a little, and when your gums are in their original position, your measurements are taken with special impression materials, your zirconium teeth are prepared in the laboratory environment, they are adapted in the clinics and the treatment is completed by sticking with a special adhesive.

How much are the teeth reduced during the procedure?
During this process, your teeth are slightly reduced. A little more reduction is made than the laminate treatment. It is reduced 1-2 mm from the normal tooth surface.

How is the pain situation during the procedure?
Since all procedures will be under local anesthesia, it will not pose a problem. Since the teeth will be made temporarily after the cutting process, the hot cold sensitivity will also be minimized. Even if there is some pain, it will be a smooth process in general.

How Long Are Zirconium Teeth Used?
It would not be correct to give an exact time on this matter. You can use it for a long time with good oral hygiene and regular care. But after a while, it may need to be renewed as a result of gingival change.

How Long Does This Treatment Take?
It usually results in 1 week in patients who have no problems with their gums. However, a few more sessions can be added to meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient and the physician.

Is There an Age for This Treatment?
It can be applied to patients of any age after the eruption of permanent teeth. However, since chin enlargement can be observed in treatments up to the age of 20, treatments may need to be renewed frequently.

This article is purely for informational purposes. Please consult your dentist for detailed information and planning.