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Your smile defines your image

Being smiling, being able to laugh and even laughing is perceived as a reflection of our inner happiness. For this reason, the impression we give to the outside in the first dialogue is very important.

Sometimes a broken tooth, swollen, reddened gums, teeth that look more yellow than they are, or a crooked appearance prevent you from smiling even though you are smiling.

Especially in individuals dealing with sales and marketing, smiling by closing your lips prevents you from reflecting your credibility and sincerity. Even if you are smiling, smiling by closing your lips by trying to show your teeth makes you look sullen. All these are the rules that apply when you can’t smile and don’t trust your teeth.

There is also the image created by the teeth that come out while you are smiling comfortably.

NEGATIVE, POSITIVE SMILE LINE, YOUNG SMILE, OLD OLD LOOKING SMILE, MALE SMILE, FEMALE SMILE, all these types of smiles affect the form of your teeth, not you.

NEGATIVE SMILE: Teeth dominate our face image with their white color during smiling. For this reason, if the line passing through the ends of the teeth is convex, we call this smile a negative smile. So the canine teeth are long; Tooth alignment in which the front teeth are short creates a negative impression, even if the person is positive.

POSITIVE SMILE: It is the type of smile in which the canine teeth are short, the front teeth are long, that is, the line passing through the end of the front teeth is concave. At the same time, the feminine smile and the female smile are also in this form.

MALE SMILE: All front teeth have close indexes; It is a smile with large and prominent canine teeth. While the canine teeth with a very sharp structure create a more masculine appearance in men, this smile makes it look harder, even irritable when it is in women.


The tips of the teeth are broken, the teeth appear gaping and black due to calculus; A smile that shows the lower teeth instead of the upper teeth while talking makes the person look old. The upper lip is drooping. When the person smiles, their upper teeth are almost invisible. The person becomes 5-10 years younger by cleaning the tartar, making the upper teeth look healthy and full again, and brightening the color of the teeth.

Not to mention teeth, we should always keep our teeth clean and well-groomed, which have such a great impact on our personality and image. STAY HEALTHY.