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Women who cannot orgasm / solutions in genital aesthetics

This is not a joke, sometimes it is a serious problem. Orgasm, the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, is the name of the solution state of the brain and spirit’s joint response embodied in the muscles and nerves, where the body joins in series. It’s also a complicated mechanism. Orgasm is a process that starts with our eyes, takes shape in our dreams, is shaped by admiration/love, and is attended by pleasure points in many body parts as a stimulant. Any of these chaotic elements can be responsible for the inability to orgasm: smell, taste, daily problems, pain, reluctance, diseases, etc. Our share is the improvement of the orgasm-forming elements in the genital area (if they are problematic). External genital organs such as the clitoris, Grafenberg (G) point, and perianal structures are defined as the “orgasm area”. The entire vagina region (a tight vagina, designed anterior and posterior lips, a non-swollen vulva / mons pubis area, perhaps the ‘inner sides of the legs’) are actually other complements to this reality. The clitoris is an important structure in the female body. It is a formation with rich neural network on the vagina, where the labia minora end, and the shape of which is different in every woman (no normal definition, not related to age or giving birth). Equivalent to the male Glans penis / glans in every sense. And the problem of those with problems is not ‘I can’t have an orgasm’, but rather the feeling of ‘Something is not right’. It is assumed that there will be problems with the stimulation of this region, the condition of the clitoris is checked, sometimes the vagina may cover the inner lips of the clitoris in such a way that it holds the clitoris too much like a hat / cone, this is a situation that is wrapped and folded like a ring. The operation is a kind of environmental design, it is stripped of the elements that keep it inside and make it difficult to stimulate / reduce contact. The aim is to make the clitoris more prominent and facilitate its stimulation. By making the clitoris easier and more comfortable, this will lead to an orgasm-facilitating result: Sometimes the clitoris, on the contrary, may be large, prominent, giving an uncomfortable appearance from a swimsuit / shorts. A similar operation is performed with reverse dynamics, the inner labia of the vagina on the side will be provided to cover the clitoris and the clitoris will be pulled deeper indirectly without damaging the neural structure. This means a new build that continues to function as a warning but is relatively hidden. The G (Grafenberg) point, located on the vagina, on the inside, 5-6 cm away, adjacent to the bladder wall, is also the popular structure of the orgasm area: It is assumed to be the key point in orgasm. The process, which is defined as G-Shot/orgasm vaccine, is thought to make this area more prominent with synthetic fillers or oil injections, to facilitate its stimulation and to contribute to the formation of orgasm: With the aesthetic approaches of other external genital structures (tightened vagina, designed vagina lips, vulva to be applied if necessary). When considered together (liposuction and perineum region), the common goal of all these corrective genital aesthetic actions should be liberation of the female body, self-confidence gained, a more peaceful and enjoyable sexual life. Beyond the talk of “miraculous change”, we can say that apart from all kinds of popular claims, genital aesthetic attempts to be made in this part of the body quickly create happy changes. Apart from the special relationship between the person and his body, which starts with loving your own body, these changes, if necessary, will undoubtedly increase the quality of your sex life and make you more comfortable with your partner.