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With orthodontics, your teeth can be corrected at any age.

Orthodontics; It is a specialty of dentistry and includes treatments aimed at eliminating crooked teeth, jaw and closure problems and facial incompatibilities. This treatment, known as “wire treatment” and performed by people who are orthodontists, can be of various types and can be planned individually. Orthodontic treatments have become attractive for adults, especially with the development of tooth-colored or transparent orthodontic appliances.

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatments. With the newly developed orthodontic treatment techniques, it is possible to offer personalized solutions for all ages and individuals. Age is not a problem in dental corrections. No matter how old the patient is, treatment is possible. If there is an irregularity in the bone structure of the individual (skeletal) age is important. In this case, there is a need for functional treatment, which is done until puberty. However, skeletal closing disorders can be corrected by applying orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery together with orthodontics) in individuals who have passed the adolescence period. Although the average duration of treatment is 24 months, it varies from person to person. Adults take a little longer to treat than children.

While it is necessary to intervene at an early age in problems with the position of the jaw in children, there is time for treatment only in cases where the teeth show irregularity. Adult patients can also move their teeth, so there is no time limit for such treatments. It may be possible that increasing age prolongs the treatment period and complicates the treatment somewhat. However, the age factor is not as important as the healthy supporting tissues of the teeth.

With the reflection of the developing technology on orthodontic appliances, orthodontic treatment that could not be done as a child has become possible in adulthood. Smiling with his own healthy and straight teeth makes people feel happier and more confident.