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Will myopia progress in the child?

The family, whose child is nearsighted, wonders, “Will my child be shortsighted and my other child will also be shortsighted?” The answer he received from the ophthalmologist was “Myopia will progress in the developmental age, and it is not possible to respond to it.”

The family is of the opinion that “He uses a mobile phone, he is nearsighted”, but his other brother also uses a mobile phone, and he is not nearsighted. It is not necessary to think of things simply.

Microns, millimeters: The eye is such a delicate structure that very few changes make significant changes in the structure. An extension of 1 mm in the anterior posterior diameter of the eye causes 3 degrees of myopia. Laser correction is achieved by smoothing 150-200 microns.

Let’s repeat the topic of myopic initiation and progression. Pressures on the eye lengthen the anterior posterior diameter of the eye, the image falls in front of the yellow spot. The anterior lens of the eye, the cornea, becomes erect, tapering forward, and tapering. The elongation can also be towards the back of the eyeball and further distorts the retina.

The white layer of the sclera in the baby is very thin, it is easily and immediately affected by the eyelid, the imbalance of the muscles, the excessive power of adaptation. The anterior posterior diameter of the eye elongates like a balloon squeezed in the middle. It is easier to control the incipient myopia. In children, this will take longer.

Get away from the idea of ​​genetics, heredity. Myopia has exploded in the last 4-5 years. Has our genetics deteriorated in the last 4-5 years?

Would you say lifestyle? Why don’t people with the same lifestyle not be nearsighted?

The ophthalmologist can only answer this question by making some examinations. The ophthalmologist should measure the anterior posterior diameter of the eye, sclera-choroidea-retinal thickness, corneal thickness and steepness. The effective eye structures in the formation of a myopia are as follows;

Cover printing: Lid pressure prolongs the anterior posterior diameter of the eye and creates astigmatism in the early period. The taut lid ophthalmologist already notices. He can also see that he is restricting his eye movements instantly. He can feel the tension by touching it. Relaxation exercises can be helpful.

Sclera, choroidea and retina: These are the outer layers of the white layer surrounding the eyeball. The health of these layers is important. If it is thinner than normal, it is easily affected by external pressures. In genetic and very high myopia, the sclera is thin and its structure is in the wrong structure suitable for disorder. Maintaining the health of these structures will hinder the progression of myopia.

The anterior posterior diameter of the eye will not extend like a balloon squeezed in the middle.

Anterior posterior diameter elongation: The anterior posterior diameter of the eyeball has a growth rate according to age. Rapid progress in this indicates that myopia will increase.

Lens: The condition of the lens inside the eye is also a harbinger of progress in myopia. Swelling in the lens causes false myopia.

Cornea: The front lens of the eye is very effective in the progression of corneal myopia. Cornea. If it is thick, that is, it is thicker than 6.00 microns, the elongation of the anterior posterior diameter of the eye will not be forward and myopia will not progress due to the front. Astigmatism, very slight distortion of the eyeball or imbalance between the eye muscles causes wrinkles in the front lens, such as the crease of the sheet, and impairs vision.

Measuring strength of fit: Visit the ophthalmologists, say to 10 ophthalmologists, “I want to measure my ability to adapt”, only one ophthalmologist will not respond to your request. However, every ophthalmologist knows that an excess of adaptability advances myopia. Ask how to loosen the fit, again you will not get an answer.

Who can answer? Ophthalmologists who treat strabismus with exercise…

Health is serious business. We could not achieve this seriousness in stopping myopia.