Will facial aesthetics change my facial expression?

Mastery, of course, comes from not changing. Your face is unique to you, a unique part of your identity and a mirror of your personal history. But on the other hand, you set out to change the negative and rejuvenate. You are nervous. How much change? Some of your lines are an integral part of your face, maybe you love your dimples a lot, maybe those few lines just next to your lip that color your smile. The job of the plastic surgeon also defines a process that fuses art and craft: a bit of sculpture, perhaps a skilled tailor’s hand, a strict carpenter’s dexterity, and an elegant silkworm/cocoon sense. All. All your tissues that have fallen down will be brought up to where they should be. Your skin will be renewed and refreshed and the excess will be cut off. All this can be done in many different ways. And all these things and this change produced should also be permanent for many years. The skill lies in both creating this change in your face for the sake of refreshment and ensuring that the hand of time does not spoil what has been done for a significant period of time. : Otherwise, today, in an age where information is widely shared in every sense, professionals can easily and successfully perform standard applications. This applies to aesthetic/cosmetic surgery and surgeons. What we are trying to describe is the line one step beyond this: not to lose the spirit of time / the meaning of the face in the name of change, not to make the person someone else. Otherwise, a slumped, aged, discolored face can really be firmly recovered, rejuvenated, refreshed, and tightened with all the methods we have. This is a process that is possible and can be handled smoothly with very good planning. But the most important thing is not to lose the nuances that characterize and give meaning to the new face produced while creating this change. This is something achievable. Importantly, your wishes, choices and your doctor’s view of you should be on this journey.