Why has aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry gained so much importance?

It is a pleasing development that in the new millennium, mankind has solved its basic problems such as nutrition, health and education to some extent, women have saved themselves from hiding and turned their attention to ‘free expression of oneself’, which is the real goal of their existence. Inner confidence given by a charming smile; It is indisputable that it adds sympathy, even a romantic appeal, and the role that this smile plays in effective self-expression is becoming increasingly important. Our age is an age of communication. Contemporary, on the other hand, is reaching the maturity of sharing the beauties, culture and happiness achieved. The ultimate accessory that a cultured person can provide for a healthy communication; It is a confident and sincere smile with white, well-groomed teeth.

For a healthy, educated person, it is much more important than dressing, make-up and hair; It is that magical smile that expresses your personality, leaves a meaningful, safe, lasting impression. Only a person who is at peace with himself can be at peace with society. That person who gives peace to his surroundings with his positive smile is a sought after, loved and respected person. Isn’t that what we all dream of? To explain ourselves correctly, to be understood and to be loved! To be loved, you have to be understood. If you are not a talented writer, the only way to present your inner beauty, the culture and wisdom you have reached; to express it face to face. This does not happen by mobile – text. Today, we are looking for visual communication even on our mobile phones and computers. Because we want sincerity with visible evidence, not words.

Although it is thought that our language is the organ that gives life to our thoughts, it is your mouth decorated by your lips and teeth, what draws attention and expresses us as real. More important than the amount of thought expressed is the quality and beauty of presenting it. Youth and beauty in every age; They are the features that humanity seeks as an expression of purity and cleanliness, and it has always been the door to new hopes for us. Here is the task of aesthetic dentistry: to give YOU this youth, beauty, cleanliness, innocence and to open the door to new hopes and opportunities in your life by ‘explaining yourself clearly and attractively’. Dynamism is a phenomenon that emphasizes being healthy. A beautiful smile that comes from the heart is the symbol of maturity, saturation, understanding of life, success and trust at all ages. A beautiful smile is the most precious wealth of humanity. It is the most sincere and beautiful gift one can give to those who share this life with you. Here, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry has gained such importance because it promises us this “Smiling Life” inside and out.

What Innovations Have Happened in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and What Are the Opportunities? The fact that people increasingly value their appearance and discover how important dental health and smile are for a young, beautiful, healthy and successful appearance has developed Aesthetic Dentistry and mobilized the industry together. Modern Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry today is equipped with advanced technique, materials, wonderful new instruments; Compared to the last twenty years, it is undergoing a revolution in the fields of specialist physician and contemporary laboratory training. Since the aesthetic patient is painful and not an emergency case; We attach great importance to the patient’s being able to come to us with a smile and to go home again with healthy and shiny teeth. With new techniques such as Bonding and Laminate, which create extraordinary image changes, needles are no longer needed most of the time. (In addition, pre-treatment stress-relieving and muscle-relaxing mental techniques allow us to work in a comfortable environment by relieving the patient of psychosis they may be in.) It is now possible to make metal-free crowns and even long bridges with the developments in laboratory techniques and new porcelains. Thus, since no space is required for metal, less healthy material is eroded from the teeth, and post-treatment pain and complications are reduced. The metal under the porcelain; it gave the crowns a fake, even lifeless effect. Today, with full porcelain crowns, it is now possible to create teeth that are indistinguishable from the original. Amalgam fillings, which darken over time, are ugly and contain harmful mercury, have been replaced by tooth-colored Composite fillings.

With the advantage of bonding techniques, these light-curing fillers, which have achieved sufficient strength with new technology and composition, require less abrasion from teeth compared to old black fillings, moreover, they prevent teeth from decaying again with the fluorine they contain. The substances used are biocompatible, harmless to tissue and health. The use of implants in place of missing teeth, the fact that many surgical procedures with laser technology are performed more effectively with the least trauma are also important developments in Aesthetic Dentistry. The transparency of the brackets carrying the wires used in orthodontics for shifting the teeth in children has enabled middle-aged patients to benefit from this treatment without any aesthetic discomfort. Many more sophisticated instruments have increased the success rate of diagnosis and treatment, and our service quality is constantly increasing with new products.