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Why eyelid aesthetics?

They say the first few seconds with looks and sometimes love starts with it. The mirror of our soul, our eyes… Our eyes are also a part of our body language and eye contact is indispensable in communication. Our eyes give us away: Many body states, such as tired, vigorous, sleepless, lively, old, young, careful, unhappy, etc., take their first clue from them. The litmus paper of our mood, our eyes, the repository of knowledge…
And these precious, special organs: our eyes, the surrounding lids, skin, eyelashes, eyebrows, cheeks below are considered as a whole/common system in eye aesthetics… Her skin is thin and sensitive, quickly and easily deteriorates… Sometimes, hereditary/structural/familial similar deteriorations/problems are seen at young ages. Logic comes into play here, and rejuvenation should start from the eyes/eyelids and their surroundings. Therefore, if the time has come, if you are not comfortable with mirrors, if there is a tired and weary air, please consult your plastic surgeon on your face.
Eyelid Aesthetics / What’s Happening?
With aging, inherited / structural / familial, sometimes in young people, and with excessive eye fatigue, the structures surrounding our eyes functionally change to the negative: Bags, wrinkles, fatigue, loosening of the skin, low, wrinkling, excess skin, sagging, loosening, discoloration and vascularization. We are witnessing this process with many symptoms. Our gazes change, a tired, sleepy, weary, angry and thoughtful expression sits on our faces. With the effect of excess and low skin on the eyelids, a heaviness is formed on the eye, our field of vision narrows, you have difficulty in reading and driving. This fatigue is getting worse and worse. Maybe you are trying to raise our eyebrows and fix them all day long without realizing it. The eyebrows also relax, the skin becomes loose, this system that tends to fall down further increases the weight on the eyelid.
This whole process is primarily a result of time / aging. But sometimes young people also appear structurally. In other words, the solution of the problem is sometimes a functional necessity apart from aesthetic concerns. Unfortunately, these elegant, naive, finely braided structures are the ones that reflect the first signs of aging, with the winds of change to the negative above. And maybe that’s why, as if to start the rejuvenation effort from these first…